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We're not used to these kind of entertainments

Commission for :icon64dernwobniar:
I wonder how ponies would even manage to play video games with hooves to begin with.
Must be exhausting to figure that out! I mean, unless you happen to be have magic in your blood, kinda unfair :P
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Ponies might not be able to play video games, but rabbits might. 
Yet Angel probably doesn't like it very much...
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Sleeping Cutie! I'll play some old school NES with Flutters anytime.
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Ton dessin apparaît dans l'article…. Merci pour ce dessin qui nous a enchanté et enchante sûrement nos lecteurs !
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I swear, someday I'm gonna die from the sheer cuteness of your art, man!

Also, just out of curiosity, what program do you use?
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Hah thanks! And I use Photoshop Cs6 :)
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ooow i love flutter shy Heart Heart Heart 
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Amazing work ^~^!!!!!
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Oh hey there Col! Thanks for the comment :D
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No Problem ^<^!!!!! <3
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Aww looks so cute! <3 (drop dead)
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D'aww, how sweet~ So peaceful and adorable :aww: Even Angel looks cute, for once. :P Awesome work~

As for how they play games...uhh...wings, maybe? Use feathers instead of fingers? Or it could be that pony controllers only have 2 buttons on them, 1 for each hoof. :P
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One of the advantages of the Ness. It didn't need all those fancy buttons :p
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This is what it'd be like to play video games with hooves:…
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Oh look what do we have here— *droops dead*
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Elle ne serait pas si calme si elle aurais joué à un jeux de guerre. C'est mieux ainsi.

Joli travail pour la plus adorable des poneys.
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Daaw! I feel sleepy now.
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awwwwwwwwwwwww cuuuuuuuuuuuuute
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Ah, you caught me off guard! That was much more cuteness than I was ready for! :love:
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Always be ready pal :D
I believe for my own safety, I should stop coming to this site. Every pony artist is either trying to kill with cuteness or laughter. Feels pulse, 'kind of spotty.'.
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And I am not used to such divine cuteness Huggle! 
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That is cute and adorable. Seeing this picture makes me want to sleep with fluttershy. Nice work.
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