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Octavia battle

What's hapening? I don't even know!

I went for a more dynamic approach, and it's been a while since I drew Octavia, so I decided to make her look badass!

Derped on it a little bit everyday since a week, but what took me the most time was the cello. Had a hard time making it alive and making the wooden material properly react to an impact.
Actually looked at a video of someone smashing a cello. Died a little inside, but it was worth it in the end Clap  

Aslo, apparently my drawing was featured as the top of the drawfriend stuff on EqD. SO AWESOME!:happybounce:…
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They're gonna pay for destroyer her Cello! Top dollar, too! It was expensive! ;)

They broke the cello. The Cello.


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Rip cello you will be sorely missed
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I wish I could relate the tale that unfolded in my mind here, but it would be a pain in the rump to scroll past. So instead, I shall content myself with giving a link to the song I now relate to this piece.

It really fits, in my humble opinion. Truly though, this art is phenomenal. But then again, with your track record, is anyone really surprised? Masterfully done.
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This is absolutely epic !!!  I really love this, so much motion ^^  Ya I bet the Cello was the hardest part of this piece, so many pieces. :D
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Man, the pony version of Rainbow Rocks is way more intense.
Instrument Ninja...
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To put your mind at rest those instruments are props, specially made to break easily :D
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Battle of the bands! :D
This makes me really sad. I would be flipping out if that happened to any of my instruments. =( I'm going to hug my violins now.
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I don't know what I just stumbled upon, but it looks badass.
The battle to end all battles:
Octavia Melody vs. Vinyl "DJ Pon3" Scratch
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This is going in my background folder and my favorite list... and "cello bow-sword" is going on my engineering bucket list along with "wrist-mounted crossbow" and "hobbit home for a homeless man." These things WILL happen.
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This is awesome! When I saw the style at first, I thought it was NC Mares. Great job :)
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Very awesome, but there is an error: the "f" on the cello it isn't a drawing, are two holes Wink/Razz 
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Oh really??? Thanks for that information!
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Great workshop. Love Like those details of crushed wood. Briliant. :D
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At long last! :la:
So much yes.

Dude, awesome work on this! I foudn this on Ffimfiction and I've been looking all over for it!
Now I've found it! and you have a new watcher!

Keep up the fabulous work mate~!
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Haha thanks man, glad to know it's on FimFiction and you found it back! \m/
That will teach be to not forget to put in my signature. I realized 2 weeks later. ;)
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Its an awesome cover for the story :la:
Ahhhh, she looks so dynamically awesome! :la:

:giggle: heheheh eue yep, it will~
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