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First Snow For Sparkle

:iconbugplayer: At least YOU'RE having some fun in the snow, it still all warmish in Quebec .-.

It looks like people really loved my Fluttershy so I decided to make some more in the same style!
And it's a style I'm probably going to use more. I love working with it, all these warm colors and stuff.
Maybe Derpy next time :D
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Nerdorable Twis make me squee. :aww:
Baka-fool's avatar
Wow, this one looks amazing!
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Yay, more cute ponies in the snow
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That gleeful expression is just so adorably charming :3  Great job on the soft coloring here too, you have a good eye for colors.
NauskiIls's avatar
Thanks Berry! I'm glad you think that about the colors. Just got a new monitor, and I was afraid about the saturation and hues. ^-^'
EverlastingJoy's avatar
That big smile is way too cute! She also looks good all bundled up like this.
NauskiIls's avatar
I agree, she kinda look cute in a winter suite :p
LMan225's avatar
Another great artwork by you, now I'll just wait to see your friend comment on here again :P.
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Well she already commented on Facebook, so I don't know :p
Also, thanks! ^^
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Well he did as predicted. Uh, can you tell me what he said? Also, your welcome. Your getting better and better. I must admit I'm really not a big fan of Twi with glasses, I don't like it much but you made this so well that it doesn't bother me much. Still prefer her without them but that's just me.
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So adorkable =)
Origami1105's avatar
Yeah, it rarely ever snows here in Texas. >.<

Great art btw! :meow:
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Oh this is super adorable. eeee
NauskiIls's avatar
Glad you thing so ^^
kmouse's avatar
So cute :3

"Still warmish in Quebec" Ah, I can see "warmish" means different things outside of Australia. I consider 8°C in the morning to be freezing.
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I see people going outside in t-shirt at that temperature haha!
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So much adorkbs!!!
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Haha super cute my friend :D
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A beautiful pic I love it :D
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Twilight got run over by a reindeer 
Trotting home from our home xmas eve
You can say theres no such thing as santa, but as for me an spike we believe
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