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5918 Rooj


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ID: 5918
Name: Rooj "Roo"
Breed/Type: Equus Ballator, Lilliput (jungle/cave)
Sex: Mare
Phenotype: Wild Bay Dun Aves with Bicolor Horns
Genotype: Ee A+a nD nAv nBi 
Design: ID 5918</div>
    Born on the farm as an observation test between the interactions of a wild and a previously wild lilliput pair, she has always been distant and flighty from all handlers and other horses.
Taking from her mother's fiery side and her father's spooky nature, Roo is an amalgamation of bad habits and negative behavior. Since birth she has had an aversion to any touch besides her mother's and has a habit of managing to escape any situation she doesn't want to be in. Chases squirrels out of her pasture.
------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: ID 5546
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: ID 5573
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD:  Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown

Breeding Slots: 
400/4usd with fullbody breeding image, 600/6usd without; offer stats
I require an unrestricted parent slot and linking of all foals; crossbreeding allowed.
Red bullets have incomplete payments or no stallion/mare.
  1. ID 5961 // :bulletgreen:
  2. reserved
  3. reserved
  4. Fargonon // ID 5977 // ID 6032
  5. IAmTheGinger // ID 534 :bulletgreen:
  6. SammieAsMagPie // ID 5977 :bulletgreen:
  7. TSDTR // ID 5977 // :bulletred:
  8. open
  9. open

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Skylinator's avatar
hey there! i've been looking for the perfect mare, and this cutie was too perfect to resist. <3 is there any way you would be open to a slot trade? I have these kiddos, most of which i'm perfectly fine with trading a slot with! 
IAmTheGinger's avatar
ID 6023 by BallatorDesignAdmin  The resulting foal from my slot qwq, If I have not shared already, also could I borrow your mare for his foal prompt? 
naumachy's avatar
good to go ;0
pancakebossart101's avatar
can I get a slot for 600?
naumachy's avatar
Np just gift please :heart:
SammieAsMagPie's avatar
Could I tempt you in a slot trade? 

Here are my plains 
Starter mare 3160 Silva Fauillae
3rd gen stallion 308 Interficeret Regem
I'd even give a slot to both :)
naumachy's avatar
Hmm, I'm not especially interested in either - I'll also take africans and I'm looking for horses with carey too c:
SammieAsMagPie's avatar
That took forever xD

Ahhhh okie let's see what we have xD

Accepted Africans
2nd gen with Carey 1964 Zebonia
Starter 3480 Unus ex Leo
1891 White Rhino

Accepted carey pons
2890 Niger Cattus
3839 Lilith
3589 Secundo Draco
3314 Diabolus Cattus
Gal has skinchanger with Carey 2228 Temperance
New design 2228

Pending meaning they need info or I have commented for them

Has Carey (buttermilk buckskin) 4648
naumachy's avatar
Willing to part with a slot from the first girl and one of the two stallions after her? Willing to do an art piece or so to make up for the gap ;0
SammieAsMagPie's avatar
A breeding between zebonia and either Rhino or Leo?
naumachy's avatar
Yeah sorry i shouldve made that clearer c":
SammieAsMagPie's avatar
Lol its all good just lemme know which boy you wanna use :) 

Ooooo could I get ya do do a ref for this bab? Can be full or headshot I'm cool with either 
2158 Caffeinated Creamola - SOLD

And I'll be using this guy 
5977 | Eggs Benedict
naumachy's avatar
np!! i'm a little busy so it'll be a halfbody ;;

i'd like one to rhino, used with each other, and you're marked !
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Fargonon's avatar
Hello! May i use my slot with 5977 | Eggs Benedict ? :D
naumachy's avatar
marked! so excited to see the babe <3
Fargonon's avatar
Woo!! I am so excited, thank you!
IAmTheGinger's avatar
ID 534 by BallatorDesignAdmin  BTW this is the sire for the slot <3
IAmTheGinger's avatar
Could I buy a slot with the 500 pts?
naumachy's avatar
yep, go ahead and send by gift!
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