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Well, I just launched my Patreon page today (…) and am just sort of feeling around and trying to learn how to best use the platform to connect to my existing collectors and audience while also making myself more visible to more people that might connect and appreciate my artwork and wish to support me in my art and potentially might wish to acquire my work themselves.

Still not quite sure how it all works just yet - just threw up some simple tiers to start with and now trying to think of good keywords to use.

Any ideas?

Anyone know if there are limits or rules in regards to keywords?

Any advice/tips for public posts? Or just don't make any of those? lol!

So much to learn, but should be an interesting and fun read at least!!
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Been a long time. I have sort of been holed up and healing and finding my footing ... after my dad died my entire life just imploded in so many ways and I just shut down and focused on getting through each day.

While doing so I started exploring other mediums and getting involved in local communities.

I decided to start making my way back to my 2-D art forms as I started to remember how much fun and joy they gave me. It's been such a long time though and now I'm having to learn new social media things - like Instagram!

I am starting to post there more regularly and if you like you can follow me there too :

In any case I have a few pieces on my desk right now calling at me to finish them - so off I go, and get those ladies all finished and gussied up! LOL.

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Well, nice to be back online again, and am making a bunch of work and listing it on ebay, and happy to say most stuff seems to be selling pretty good so far! Which is great - since I' m trying to earn enough funds to enroll into school for the Fall Semester!

Hope to be creating a lot of great erotic art - and have set a goal to do at least one doodle-art ACEO a day. So far, so good!

A friend and I also started a forum for erotic artists to be able to post what they have listed for sale without worrying about being reported or censored like they are on Facebook, Twitter, eBay groups, etc.

So we started this forum to try to help all of us erotic artists to get more traffic:

Hope to see more artists sharing what they are selling there! :)
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Kind of surprised that there really wasn't one already for us out there - so thought I'd start one!

Looking for quality erotic artists to join, as there is a difference between being a shock jock and doing erotic art well.

Love to find other erotic artists that might want to help develop a solid group for us on DA to get more quality exposure and help collectors be able to find more quality erotic art fro a variety of artists in one place.
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Well about time for me to start getting this page up to speed a little and uploading the kinds of work I will be doing for my site, and getting that rolling.

Should be uploading my older stuff and some of the stuff that i currently have up for sale sometime today!

If you are interested in checking out what I have up on eBay, check it out here:…

Be aware that this is nude, erotic, sexy, sensual artwork, and is likely not safe for work.

I also list stuff on Etsy:

Thanks for checking it out!
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