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Well, nice to be back online again, and am making a bunch of work and listing it on ebay, and happy to say most stuff seems to be selling pretty good so far! Which is great - since I' m trying to earn enough funds to enroll into school for the Fall Semester!

Hope to be creating a lot of great erotic art - and have set a goal to do at least one doodle-art ACEO a day. So far, so good!

A friend and I also started a forum for erotic artists to be able to post what they have listed for sale without worrying about being reported or censored like they are on Facebook, Twitter, eBay groups, etc.

So we started this forum to try to help all of us erotic artists to get more traffic:

Hope to see more artists sharing what they are selling there! :)
NaughtyliciousArt Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Professional General Artist
Yay! I think that it might help us get more attention to the erotic art that we are making and sellin - no matter WHERE we are selling it - be it our dA accounts, ebay, etsy, our websites, artfire, facebook, etc.

If collectors have a one-place stop to go to to find erotic art that is not censored and links to where they can purchase it, I think that it cannot help but help every erotic artist posting there!

After all, lots of folks will never join Facebook or Twitter, but would like to find our art ... and others might be used to only buying off ebay - but might be able to find other art that they adore on some other online venue, like maybe artfire and in this economy I just think that it might be a good thing for us to have.

Especially since ebay is getting more and more censor-happy, and lots of us feel a little odd posting stuff on FB when we know it could get pulled or reported at any time and so we censor out the "naughty bits" ... this will give us a haven to post stuff wigthout worrying about someone getting offended or complaining!
BlackRogueDreams Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013
aaaand joined!
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September 4, 2013