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Kind of surprised that there really wasn't one already for us out there - so thought I'd start one!

Looking for quality erotic artists to join, as there is a difference between being a shock jock and doing erotic art well.

Love to find other erotic artists that might want to help develop a solid group for us on DA to get more quality exposure and help collectors be able to find more quality erotic art fro a variety of artists in one place.
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Well about time for me to start getting this page up to speed a little and uploading the kinds of work I will be doing for my site, and getting that rolling.

Should be uploading my older stuff and some of the stuff that i currently have up for sale sometime today!

If you are interested in checking out what I have up on eBay, check it out here:…

Be aware that this is nude, erotic, sexy, sensual artwork, and is likely not safe for work.

I also list stuff on Etsy:

Thanks for checking it out!
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