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Orochi Cutout




this is what took all my drawing time ._.
i spent EVERY MINUTE i would spend in drawing on this CRAP D:

i'm angry right now, because this was going to be a surprise present for SOMEONE, and now i don't like it that much u_u at least i cut it pretty well :P you can see if you full view/download.

well... Faber-Castell pencils + 0.1 liner + black shiny ink (on the parts that the lineart gets thicker) + some white gel ink pen here and there, smudged with my fingers :3

and a cutter on a wooden board :3

the background is the envelope i'm going to give it away into, lol @ insideoutness :3
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OHHH Orochi!! I love to play Okami, I think this is really good! :D