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Bedwarmer -by Shabazik (COLOR)


Move along now


Move along now

(Based on this illustration by the great Shabazik. Look at that first for best effect...) The big green amphibian girl and the Ozcura stared at each other for a few tense moments. The rest of the Ozcura warband looked up from searching the sprawled bodies in the grass for loot. Some of them began moving towards the two riders, some began unobtrusivly loosening the leather straps on their sword hilts, or hefted their cruel-looking adze-like clubs. Several nocked arrows to bows. The warband chief made a motion with her left hand, and her followers halted. "I said, this is ozcura business. Not yours. I think you'd best be riding along, now.""

Dramatic Title! The Sound of Silence!

Dramatic Title! The Sound of Silence!

I'm among those who don't like the new planned changes on dA, regarding dA and eclipse. Not so much from an aesthethic point of view -that I don't like, but it's subjective-, but because my potato-internet powered by hamsters, I simply can't browse any sizeable gallery... and my own gallery is quite sizeable. So, I have signed some of these petitions out there -that it seems are nowadays mostly competing against each other for interest- asking dA not to force the change to Eclipse, and had in the past tried to provide actual feedback on the troubles I had experienced in dA. But I'm realist, and I don't believe in Internet Petitions -yet I s
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My Bio
I´m a 47 y. old Dutch writer/ artist and entering DeviantArt was an early birthday present to myself.

Although the bodywork is littered with heavy dents and scratches and my life experience compares to that of an 80+ year old, I´m still young at heart and have a powerful and very naughty mind.
Still shielding the kid in me, I feel not a day older than 35... I even look that way.

A writer and storyteller from a pretty young age on, I always enjoyed it when people hung on my lips.
I developed it over the years and gained confidence to eventually put some stories on paper.

Drawing interests took a much longer time to emerge (being a slow learner at the time), but I got the knack and started loving it. It ended up as one of my most favoured things to do, and I drove more than one teacher into madness with it...

I became proper grafic training at school from the early to mid 90´s to become a 2D Designer and I gained about half a decade experience in it.
In 2000 disaster struck and I was in survival mode till early 2010 when I was involved in a heavy accident that nearly killed me. It took me almost 5 years to recover from most of that.

Late 2010 / 2011 when I made up my mind about the direction I wanted to go, I started training again.
3D Design and Animation, because that´s also part of my passion. It took me some time to get the curve, but I succeeded and was happy about it. Again, a lot of experience came from it.

Now that my body functions again as it should I want to deploy my Arts and have fun working on them.

I was developing my writing even in this dark period of time and have some stories about ready now.
As for my drawings, lots of it got destroyed in time, but I´ll look if I can find some surviving nice ones.
And of course I´ll start working on new material.

Favourite Visual Artist
Kami Tora, Elvgren, Vargas (Oww, still can´t find the other names... I´ll return to the subject soon)
Favourite Movies
Back to the Future, Sleepy Hollow, Titanic, Saving Private Ryan, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Lord of the Ring, and about a 100 more.
Favourite TV Shows
I´m a HUGE animation fan. (the TV is currently more Off then On = Internet time)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Techno, Rave, Eurodance, Rock, Hardrock (AC/DC, Ramstein. > It´s got to be energetic and preferably LOUD <)
Favourite Books
Three Musketiers, Treasure Island, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings. Fantasy + War novels.
Favourite Writers
Mc Lean, Cussler, Rowling, Tolkien, Dickens. And a LOT of internet writers.
Favourite Games
Pearl Harbour, Battlefield 2, IL2 Sturmovic. (Flight + Fight sims)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Old School Tools, I´m working on the new ones. (I´m technically outdated, at least 10 years)
Other Interests
My nude Rats (Avatar = Spyro), Modeling. Painting. Vintage vehicles (Road and Air), Dragons and other Fly-thingies, Youtube music.

I haven't left... Just had some bad weeks!

I haven't left... Just had some bad weeks!

No, no! I haven't stopped working on coloring's! But last June and July weren't so kind for me, causing an avalanche of problems to deal with! So I had to take some time off... Mid June the powerbox in my home blew itself up, frying my computer with a loud bang and putting other electrical equipment out of commission. Had to endure 1 week without power! SO romantic, to write your story by torchlight! (Or not be able to note your friends!) The reason for blowing itself up? Poor maintenance and a Housing Association that should've replaced the old worn-out crap a DECADE ago! A Dutch problem: Saving on the wrong side... On the positive side, it enabled me to upgrade my computer! On the down side: It only took them 3 repair rounds to fix it completely. Hilarious when you think about it... They upgraded the graphical card but forget to mention that the old screen was no longer usable! *SIGH* Equipped with a new screen, that problem is now solved! So the "Old Beast" is now fit to
Due to technical problems I'll be posting last weekends coloring's by tomorrow!  I was unable to make scans last Friday, so...  

Keep the ORIGINAL! - Do NOT FORCE eclipse on us!

Keep the ORIGINAL! - Do NOT FORCE eclipse on us!

KEEP the ORIGINAL: The old green DA site! The original DA version should be KEPT, or at least offered as an optional CHOICE! And not be FORCED UPON us! I've tried the new version (forcefully) a couple of times and for me it's absolutely user-UN-friendly! :disbelief: And NO, I don't like it when they force an unfinished POS on us! Not in the least. Either you offer a format that DOES have this user-friendliness, which DOES work completely... or you DON'T! Simple as that... The new version of DA does NOT work for me... as a PC user! Eclipse does not work properly on my old tower, so I choose not to use it. As an autist I need overview and a

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jkrolakHobbyist Photographer

Choo Choo Express plane just passing through and wanted to wave

Naughty-b-NatureHobbyist Traditional Artist

Ohh, I overlooked it!

Shame on me!

I was so busy at that time with my "new" toy that I hardly visited DA... and now it's been 6 WEEKS already?


jkrolakHobbyist Photographer

how time flies when your having fun. Nice to know you've not been totally assimilated --- yet

Naughty-b-NatureHobbyist Traditional Artist

No, I'm not giving up just yet... But my priorities shifted since the introduction of Eclipse.

It still sucks to browse through DA.

Finding something is a nightmare!

Not handy and user friendly at all...

It sure is killing a lot of the fun.

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Master-GeassHobbyist Writer
Thanks for the :+devwatch:
Billie-BonceHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the fav!
Naughty-b-NatureHobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem... :bow:
A fully deserved Fav for a wonderful piece!

My first kiriban, I LOVE the way you portrayed "Olina-in-Distress"!