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pix_ for utorrent
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© 2013 - 2019 natyusha
a very simple utorrent recolour that makes it match a dark visual style rather than clashing with it. simply run the file / drag it into a utorrent window. looks best with details/sidebar/toolbar hidden.

there are no icons included and this is meant for a dark vs.

to remove ads goto: Options>preferences>Advanced... and set the following to false.

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Comments (66)
paul222008's avatar
is this still working? great theme anyway :)
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Taravilyaion's avatar
I don't like it.. how do I undo it?
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belerofonte440's avatar
can you upload the dark theme? there is only the original theme on the download zip (my bad it seems some things changed but not working as your image shows on bittorent 7.9.9)
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Screnn's avatar
no work uTorrent 2.2.1 :(((((
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WhiteShadow11's avatar
WhiteShadow11|Student General Artist
Not working for me, using 2.2.1
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darkblackice's avatar
darkblackice|Student Digital Artist
any updates? anything alternate to this?
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Ultrawup's avatar
It doesn't really work with the latest version of uTorrent on Win7, it only changes the download bar colours... It'd be awesome to have a dark uTorrent skin again
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DWYA's avatar
DWYA|Hobbyist General Artist
Anyone know if WIN 10 support this / or utorrent 3.4.5? Only the progress bar changed for me. PIX_ vs is for win 7 so isnt going to work in WIN 10. Please describe fix.
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df-low's avatar
Which font are you using in this scheme?
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anewbard's avatar
thank you very much!
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byby2's avatar
Hi, the progress bar colours i can put, it´s ok. But the dark visual style how do you made????
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grompes's avatar
не работает в BitTorrent =( Задний фон остался белым. Эх.. не уж то придётся utorrent качать
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nnq2603's avatar
Which oldest version allow me to use this skin format?
'coz I tried it with 2.0.4 utorrent and it doesn't work. Google about version specified but didn't find any clear answer either. Skin sub-box in utorrent 4rum is also inactive.
Would you just let me know about all of that right here in dA, thanks :D (Sorry, long time I don't catch up with current utorrent development and changes)
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Vezph's avatar
all you guys
you need the pix vs for windows for the utorrent to be black (i think) it changes the download colors to look good on a dark vs
I might look like a moron if I am wrong..
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Hentai-Overlord's avatar
This is pretty dope thank you m8.Broken Fighting Dome (Kawaii Please) 
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Rivyyy's avatar
Could you please explain how you got your sidebar to look like that? :)
I'm using the Pix_ visual style and everything is working, the skin loads fine,
aside from the sidebar remaining the same, I would appreciate it loads if
you could explain where in the settings menu you change the sidebar.
(By sidebar I mean the portion which says download,
seed, paused, stopped, downerr, etc)

Your skins are amazing thank you very much for sharing them!
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alan0074's avatar
does this work with utorrent 3.3.1?
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ferenc7532's avatar
I set it all to false, but it is not deleted. HELP  (3.4.2)
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HazZbroGaminG's avatar
HazZbroGaminG|Professional Interface Designer
Hello, I would like to create a theme for my uTorrent 2.2.1 (build 25130) which is similar to this: oi46.tinypic.com/20h6g5s.jpg

Can you create for me please?
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intel-4004's avatar
intel-4004|Student Digital Artist
Hi, I download and extracted btskin.btskin. Double clicked it and it doesn't change the theme...I'm using utorrent 3.4.2
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FloydMurdoc's avatar
I need help, this only changes the download bar. I am using uTorrent 3.4.2 build 31793 
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argonavtik's avatar
µTorrent Plus 3.4.2 Build 32126 Stable - Thanks, nice colors :-)
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KonyHawk2's avatar
what version of utorrent do you use? :)
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