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Hi, so I want to try to let you guys request things for me to draw. Only for me to draw not pictures. If I end up liking this I'll probably do this again and include photo requests.

So requests are open for September 4th to the 15th. Thank you for at least reading this even if you don't request anything.

Tears fall to the ground wheather if its raining or not.
Tears fall from the sky with gray clouds blocking the sun but sometimes its clear.
Tears erupt from your face after the pain
Tears clear or blue
Tears of joy fall from you when you laugh
Tears of lost
Tears for the darkest of the days until you stop
Tears nomore
Christmas carols

Christmas bells

Christmas trees

and the most important

Christmas joy

the joy of Christmas is like the singing bells on a tree with the sweet voice of a person singing a carol and the smell of that pine candle that your cousin always tried to get rid of.

The star and the Angel

the angel sings while the star just glows a bright gold
then you stare at it for awhile and then your like oh brother I forgot about the Ham

The giving

We give to the ones we care about only to find out that you forgot to buy a present for your Mom and then you feel the guilt and you apologized so much to her and you just live with it forever until you finally remember to give her a gift even though you gave her the gift of love all a long.

*The Tree*

Green, Golden, White and hell even pink and so on. We decorate or we leave it bare. We cut it or buy it. An axe or some cash. A gift i find under. It's shining bright and beautiful it hurts my eyes but ii still sleep under it for warmth. 

more to this next year

Dark is the new black
Light is the new white
pink is pink
red is blood
blue is water
gray is lonely
green is green
brown is grass
yellow is none
orange is orange
purple is violets

but sadly no violets grow here

violets turn into ashes of the sun

for there is no more color........

Doesn't life feel lonely
doesn't life feel free
sometimes it feels dark
like it hides tons of secrets
life life life
you repeat to yourself
over and over like
a marry go round
is life lonely
is it free
does it have dark secrets

At the end of this what do you think is more important Friendship or Greed

Greed is just as bad as guilt. You don't wanna get caught up with your guilt or greed. I don't care about money so why am I typing this who knows not even I.
Greed is a sickness to some people.  Is money going get you everything you want. NO!  Greed fight against it don't let someone become your enemy because of greed.     Greed is evil like they say Money is the root of all Evil.      Is it true or a lie ?


Friends are friends even if Yall get in fights.  Bff  we herd it Best friends forever and you hope it does last forever.   But sometimes that hope gets lost somewhere and you cant find it anymore.  Frienship is strong even more stronger than hate. Sometimes friendships can be sad but mostly happy. Friendship is everything

My choice is Friendship                                                                               next journal will be my dreams

I wonder why we ask or say why. I don't know the answer to that it's really common sense to ask or say why. We ask why to are parents all the time.
Why is like a question mark in are head to be honest. Why can't we this or that or why do I have to do it. Why is a never ending question always and you then ask yourself why it's never ending question