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Hell-o everyone!

Long time no update huh? well ive been really busy lately and i just wanted to let you all know what an amazing job you all are doing , so keep up the good work and im so sorry i haven't been able to fav/comment all your work lately..:(

PS. :icontristtan13: and I going to be gone (again) from this friday to late afternoon on sunday...we're going tenting (^_^)

So take care everyone and excuse my absense ^^;

have a great weekend! :hug: :blowkiss:

Features!!!!! :boogie:
Pirate Queen by EastonProductions
Hactarat's Morrow by skeletorfw:thumb92495487:
Wishful Thinking by Blazing-Blade:thumb79824307:

Rocky Sunset by tristtan13 Cobalt Explosion by EastonProductions
Origins by Ghost-Dreamer
Glass Is Forever. by SYSPLUCK Zeb's Mermaid by Flynn-the-cat
Cupcakes 2 by sherbet-fountain
Challenge by LateAutumn:thumb92193613:
The Color of Gravity by IrishGirl72

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wow lovely feature, thanks so much! :)
Flynn-the-cat's avatar

You haz left! We iz all doomed! Oh wait, you're coming back.

Yay, feature!
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AAHAHAHAHAHA , awwwwwwwww :hug: you okay buddy?
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Yeah okay psycho
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Waht? hugs scare you?
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You face is a feature ;D OH and BTW My family and I are going 'tenting' too! (sat-sat) yayz
xJermainax's avatar
That's ok, I completely understand you, I mean, you can't always be online, you have to find time for your personal life too ^-^ and I'm a little jealous, cause I'm stuck at home :/ Good luck to you anyway ^-^ have fun :hug:
naturesounds's avatar
Exactly! haha i did ^^
xJermainax's avatar
That's nice to hear :)
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its ok i'm trying to catch up too! oh and thank you thank you THANK you for the feature!!!!:hug:
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Yeah , its kinda hard to in the summer so :hug:

Of course :aww:
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hey thanks! for the feature
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Hey! no problem buddy :hug: you never have to thank me , we're buddies
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