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The group was closed on Monday, 2018-10-15.
Gallery/favourites submissions are not allowed anymore.
The group does not accept new members/affiliates anymore.
All deviations will remain in their folders, still showcasing nature photography from 2012-2018.
It was a pleasure to serve you as a photo platform here.


sad news. This group has turned into some kind of a graveyard... Wait, on a cemetery, there's more activity.
Anyway, we have gained like 2 (two) members in 2018, we haven't had a submission for a week now. I don't know, how many members we have lost in that time, but statistics speak for themselves...

Nature-Shots stats by Zouberi
Nature-Shots stats from Sept. 12th to Oct 12th, 2018

In my previous journal entry (10 months ago) I've asked you, what we can do with this group. Well, there was no answer.

So, my decision will be to close this group for submissions.
This means that the galleries will stay online and work photos will still be featured there.

Back in the days, I'd have asked, if someone is willing to take over the group, but groups' golden age on dA is over now. (Just take a look at my latest poll.) Well, well.

Rest in peace, Nature-Shots!

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October 11, 2018


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