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My Bio
Name: Noora K.
Age: 22 (28.12.1991)
Current Residence: Finland
Studying: Graphic Design (UAS / Polytechnic)
Interests: Drawing, Music, Anime/Manga, Video Games, Motorcycles, Tattoos, etc.
Favourite Artists: Heise, Nico Di Mattia, Mark Crilley, Dianae, Sandara, Adonihs, Artgerm, Cyriak, etc.
Favourite Game: The Legend of Zelda, Ace Attorney
Personal Quote: "All people are different, live with it."

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Good to be back

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It took me 4 months, if not more, to get back on track with deviantART... I have not been able to check my messages and far too many group submissions have expired and all that. Oh, well... I'm still alive! I've been working like crazy lately and I'm getting more clients and projects to keep myself busy. I'm happy for that since I do not have that much experience in my field, even though, that does make my calendar scream and my body sometimes wants to kill me for not sleeping properly. For that, I'm going to Tenerife for a week! Just to shake all this stress away and relax! :D I wish I had more time to draw and paint but I just can't find
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I finally updated my whole commission info! Prints of already finished drawings are also available now! If you are interested in commissioning me, check my commission info and send me a note OR you can just send me a note stating your budget and ask what I can do for that amount. Example: "Hello, I have 5€. What can you draw for that amount? I would like something pretty and anime-like! ~dAnickname" Thank you for stopping by. I hope I'll catch my inspiration again and manage to draw something bigger between all the school work. :D Commission Info
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New Blog

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If you're interested, I made a new blog / portfolio: It was just standing there without any activity so I decided to update and edit it quite a lot to use it as a blog for sketches, WIPs and more. It's not supposed to look perfect but feedback is always welcome. Check it out and let me know what you think! :) Do you have a blog? Leave a link and I'll check it out! Whew, I finally got over that terrible artist's block! School is about to start again so my inner money-hungry-artist awakens. If my style suits your taste and you're in a need for someone to do your requested artwork, check my commission info and le
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Thanks for taking care of the Critiques Requested group for all this time~

I've been away from dA for probably over a year, was surprised when I came back to see that you were still admin-ing for the group!
Thanks for that :glomp:

Hope you've been well! ^^
Hi! Great to have you back! :glomp:

I've been away for a veeeeery looooong time too, so I have not had the chance to accept submissions lately. I try to take care of them whenever I get the chance to log in, though! It's been pretty hectic over here with school and work, and now I'm going on student exchange for half a year. I'll try to check my dA a bit more often, so I'll get back to admin-ing the group too! :D

Hope you've been well also!
do you make commissions?
Yes, I do! :) I have not really checked my commission info in a long time so it might be a bit messy and outdated but I still do take commissions. Are you interested in ordering something? :)
yes i made this cool monster [link] but i cant really bring it to life... before we start anything how many points would it take?
Oh, I don't take point commissions, sorry :( I should have pointed that out in my previous comment. I only take PayPal commissions and such.
thanks for the watch