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Made with Photoshop CS3
Works best with white or very light background
will upload the version for dark backgrounds or either update this pack

works well with any image/brush with a clean dark stroke ...

examples in image are from my brushes here on deviantart

11 colors

Comments/ Faves would be nice :heart:
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Love sticker styles, thanks
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I've used this. I gave credits to you, and post ur link. :"> thanks for this wonderful work of yours
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Wow!! Thank you!! I put in my favorites!! :love: :love:
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Thank Chuu : 33
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i love these! they're so cute!
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it's super adorable thank you :)
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is bealtifuul *-*
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hi! nice style~♥ i was wondering... can you teach me or link me to a tutorial on how to make styles? thank you very much
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Oooh Thanks :)
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Downloading, thanks :)
this is awesome! thanks a lot!!! please continue on making more
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Cute! Thank you.
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no ... thank you :)
I used your style and I have a question, I made red text hoping the end result would be the text as a sticker. But a black border was put around it, help???
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look in your inbox
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