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Like doctor and musicians
This works in the same series

But some problems occurred because the co-ordination of
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may I please promote your work on my site?
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Truly this is gorgeous.
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Ninja Arts plus Sword Skills.
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wow, this is really cool man :D
from what game is this?
and can i request too?? :D
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This is awesome I must admit!
Metalraptor's avatar
Absolutely epic. :D
Jack-Hoo's avatar
awesome, it look like the render of a game
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The boob-window. Just in case she'd forget she's a woman in the middle of battle.
BUT. Awesome work on the rest.
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This is great and everything but this DEFINITELY appears to be a woman, so why is the title swordsMAN and not swordsWOMAN!?
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The same reason MANkind means every race, color and gender.
KeirTanaka's avatar
Typical patriarchal response|
Seriously Though, I suppose that could fly in that situation but since we actually have tha term swordsWOMAN then I would suggest it be used here tha same as how we also have cowBOY & cowGIRL & people use those but rarely ever use the gender neutral term cowPOKE is all I'm saying|
Naturally everyone is entirely free to ignore me if they don't like what I have to say(as usual)in addition to being under NO obligation whatsoever to heed my advice & abide accordingly|
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Ahem. You see, not very many use that word let alone know it. I suppose only a grammar Nazi would find joy in looking it up in a dictionary.
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It only stands to reason that if _man is a word that _woman would also be a thing as well is ALL I'm saying|
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The detail in the armor and weapons are outstanding.
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Love the detail in the armor. The cloak likewise adds nice dashing of vibrant color. Overall well done piece of work.
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The detail is great.
Willie-W-Worm's avatar
Strong yet beautiful! I love it!
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So very gorgeous!!
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oh GOD!!! I love youre art style... you inspire me... do you use photoshop ? what brush you use ? just a normal brush... please full fill my curiosity XD
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