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Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better!

Welcome to Natural-Sensuality!

Hello and welcome. Are you an amateur photographer? or even a professional photographer? We don't care. Here is EVERYONE welcome!

Feel the freedom in your eyes, that's the motto for our nature-based group.
Where you can still see photographs that are not exaggerated edited? We try to show you that nature is the true beauty.

A photography must be photography!
We are a group for everyone - professional and amateur but we don't accept everything.If we think the quality of the pictures are bad or you don't see what it should be,then it's declined.Please take your time to read the basic rules,thank you and have fun in our group!

S u b m i s s i o n _R u l e s
The FAQ's

4 submissions per day

Please submit ONLY your original work.We don't support plagiarized works!
This a nature-based group, pictures that have nothing to do with nature will be rejected.
Please don't submit pictures with a bad quality
NO re-submissions
We accept no images with dA watermark which destroyed the photograph


Pets in nature
Black and White
Herbs (wild herbs)
Nature and still life
Unnatural droplets
Flowers and plants
Wild/farm/zoo animals
Bubbles (Water-related pictures)
Traditional drawings/paintings) of nature etc.
Experiments (mirror etc.) with flowers and plants
Fruits (but please,not the apple in the supermarket)

:bulletred:Not Allowed

Head shots of yourself, blurry/unknown pictures with no real reason
Country houses (main subjects other than nature)
Cell phone pictures/careless shots
Wallpapers/Random Resources
Pictures of artificial flowers
too much edited
Digital drawings
Plants with pot

If you have any questions or you are unsure about the rules, send me or the group a note!
We wish you much fun in this group with many beautiful and unique images!






Gallery Folders

Playing In The Grass by cobaltsennheiser
be yourself, shine for the world by lovemyscars
A poppy by starykocur
Curly by isischneider
Abstract and Textures
Stream by OlivierAccart
Over the Edge by organicvision
waves by Dieffi
Shades Of Blue Mediterranean Sea by skarzynscy
So close... by eegariM
Snowbound Paradise by eegariM
What's mine? by ratinrage
Went For A While by Yuukon
Golden Oak by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
Just be free by AutumnIulia
I love you enough to let you go by AutumnIulia
West Caucasus by Laerian
Different but stylish
A Perfect Job by skarzynscy
Luminiferous by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
wonderful nature by MT-Photografien
Seidenband by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
.:A sky full of bubbles:. by VictorianPrincess
The golden globe by gigi50
Almost Made It by Yuukon
monochrome bubble by Ingelore
colorful Drops
sparkling bokeh by isischneider
To Be Alone by Yuukon
desire by IreneHorvath
addicted by IreneHorvath
Drawings and Paintings
U Beaty by stokrotas
Blue Mussel Shells - watercolour by GeeMassamArt
Moonlit Forest by jennifertaylorart
Watercolor Plein Air by EcclesC56
Heather Flower by enaruna
Bechermalve by LewiARTs
Sweet Music by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
XL by AlejaOlch
Fruits and Berries
in the heat of summer  II by Ingelore
The hidden berry by Elvenlight
goodies by Ingelore
Sunny December by Geliana7
Highs and Lows by eegariM
Phasia hemiptera by albatros1
Mossy Forest by isischneider
Two Friends by shade-pl
Nature and human elements
Somewhere In Alps - Panorama by skarzynscy
Pets in Nature
Smiling Bee by rainylake
Antlers by eegariM
Made of Stars by Hazel-Photography
Wildlife-farm-zoo Animals
Cheating a Bug by organicvision
Wild herbs
Rosemary by rezeptiv
Icy moments
in the cold of winter by Ingelore



The colours of the Earth

Earth+ by Fast-Eddie

Imagine you were an astraunaut of the ISS flying around our planet, what would you see?
You would see the green of the vegetation as trees, fields or meadows, there would be the yellow, red, brown or grey of the steppes, deserts and mountains and above all you would the see the colour that makes our Earth
"the blue planet": the blue or turquoise of the oceans and lakes.

In our little summer feature we want to show you these beautiful colours of our planet.
We hope you enjoy our selection.

The greens of the vegetation

   NL Valley by SvenMueller

  Jura-1160, Back to the Creux du Van - Le Dos d'Ane by swissnaturelover

   shapes and lights... by EdinaBaltas    Forest 5 by maghigol   After the rain by luka567

Eines Morgens im Lindengarten by Lumarieus21   Austria Alps by stg123   Dans un profond silence by DavidMnr

   Two Day Valley by jonathanjessup   Where the prospect opens wide by LawrenceCornellPhoto

Carpet World by Unkopierbar

Meteora by Annabelle-Chabert

The yellows, reds, browns and greys of deserts and mountains

Intermeshing Structures by eegariM      Sandy Bellows by jonathanjessup    King's Crown by MarvinDiehl

Silk and Grain by Unkopierbar    Spirit of Desert by ChiFeng-dA

Against the gravity. by Phototubby     Set In Motion by jonathanjessup      Passing Time's Tests by papatheo

   Sunset in Macin mountains by RichardConstantinoff      Evening at Painted Desert by papatheo     Namib desert by DoWnHIller

The Desert by SvenMueller

Golden Waves by ChiFeng-dA

The blues of the oceans and lakes

Blue Bird Panorama by eegariM

Bavarian Coast by Dave-Derbis

The Ocean by Vitaly-Sokol   Infinite view by streamweb   Hill Inlet, Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia by paulmp  

Shades Of The Blueness Of The Mediterranean by skarzynscy   Ocean man, take me by the hand by Lain-AwakeAtNight   elements by Dieffi

Wild  Shores 3 by amoddatye    THE OCEAN by mysticblue133    Ocean. by SachaKalis  

The Ocean by Vitaly-Sokol

But there  are these very special moments when the ocean changes its colours...

Sunrise Capricorn style 2 by sjsteve
chosen by :iconladyxwinter:

The furthest horizons by JustinDeRosa
chosen by :iconingelore:

Thank you :iconladyxwinter:

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