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When you drowned your own voice
crushed it down into your
8 year old
childlike frame
down into the pit where
your trauma lurked
where your nightmares recurred
hid it deep down with all your hurt
when you vowed to never speak a word
while your family prayed
to hear you again
to heal you again
in that long five years
when your precious bird song
was missing from their skies
could they ever imagine
that one day your voice
would light the hearts
of generations.
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Kiliann's avatar
What a beautiful recognition of an amazing life.
Thank you.
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Thanks so much and for the fave =)
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That's quite a beautiful homage.
nattrozanska's avatar
Thank you so much =)
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I thought this might be a Maya tribute when I read the title. Very well done. :heart:
nattrozanska's avatar
Thanks so much. I was really quite saddened by her death, such a powerfully inspiring woman, I felt I need to say something.
hopeburnsblue's avatar
I think she'd have it that way, since she was a writer. She'd be inspired by the tributes from people whom she inspired.
nattrozanska's avatar
I agree, I think she'd really appreciate words being written in her honour, such an inspiring lady, a phenomenal woman, even =)
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