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Published: June 1, 2017
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I've had several fursonas in the past, but it's been years and years since I've really actually used any of them. I just didn't really have a reason to. Back in the day when I was young and inexperienced and couldn't draw people I would use my 'sona of the time to represent myself in comics and such. But now I'm comfortable drawing myself as a human, so the need for a fursona just...went away.

But tbh I was watching furry videos on YouTube because I'm trash actually wait you know what, no. I'm done with that schtick. I've been low-key ashamed of my interests for too long, be it anime or next-gens or MLP or whatever else, and I'm done calling myself trash or a loser for liking them. It's sunk too deeply into my mind and contributes to serious enough problems to warrant medication, and I need to stop.

I know a lot of those groups have negative stereotypes associated with them, and I will say right here and now that I am NOT interested in the sexual side of any of them. I find that gross. But the problem is porn, not magic ponies or anthropomorphic animals or OCs. And most of the time, the deviant side of any fandom is a minority. I am not part of that particular minority.

-whew- Well, now that I have that heavy bit off my chest. Yes, I was watching some furry videos on YouTube and I felt inspired to revamp my fursona for the first time in years. Will I actually use her much like I did in middle school? Idk yet; I guess we'll see. But it was fun to design nevertheless, and that's what it's all about: having fun. Haters gonna hate.

Do I consider myself a furry now? Not necessarily. I guess it depends on how you define "furry". I'm not really involved in the "fandom" beyond having a fursona (though I will admit that I think fursuiting looks like fun). But...meh. I'll leave that up to y'all.

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You are not trash! *slaps you*

Thank goodness your fursona doesn't have tits.
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TenmaRKO Digital Artist
Excellent use of colors, anatomy and poses... Very nicely done!! ^^
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shibonsenStudent Digital Artist
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StardipHobbyist Digital Artist
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InkRose98Professional Digital Artist
She is super cute!
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panic-godHobbyist General Artist
so adorable!!! <3

and yeah i agree with you. i consider myself a furry but not a part of the community if that makes sense?
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gott a love dem colours
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SaskedieJagerinHobbyist Digital Artist
I do remember some of your 'sonas back in the Balto Source - early DA days :'D
This one is simply stunning, beautiful colors and design :heart:
Great job!
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Possum-Kingdom-L25 Digital Artist
XD I used to do that too. I used to draw myself as this little dog demon character because I couldn't draw people to save my life. Anyways, this is a pretty cool character you got here!
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IVISEKHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice character!
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