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I have decided to start a donation via my paypal ^_^

This is a 'donation' for anyone who likes my stuff and feel like they want to support me as an artist ^^

Most of the money donated will without a doubt be spend on; new pencils and paper, a new drawing tablet and a new computer (but mostly pencils and paper).
2+ years of development is nearly at an end! Today (27th of april) our game Expeditions;Viking is released :D

My role on the game has been Lead Character Artist and it has been a great experience working on this game- I'm very proud to have worked on it and I am so proud of the final outcome ^_^
Finally! Something to show y'alls for the last many many months of work :D!

The game Expeditions: Viking has hit the steam page ^^ I'm the only character artist/rigger on the team and as such have worked on the design and production of all the characters that you see (apart from ~2 characters that were outsourced early in the process) :)…
At the moment I'm busy creating vikings for the game Expeditions:Viking where I design and create characters and set them up for customization; It's great fun and if you want to follow the process you can do so here;


KTHXBYE ^o^ <3
A new video for Clandestine is up! This time it's a takedown montage showing a bunch of ways to destroy enemies that you just refuse to safely sneak past ;)

Clandestine is on early acces on steam at;…
Hey y'all!
So again; what am I up to with this lack of uploads?? I'll tell ya!
I'm currently working as a cg-artist on a game called Clandestine, at the game dev company Logic Artist :D

It's a co-op sneaky sneak/hacking game set in the 90's- whats not to like ;)?

Anyway- I hope to be able to share some assets and characters from the game, some time during production, but no promises :P…
Hey y'all
So, I don't know who would read this and who would actually give a *fWhooop* but just thought that I'd let you know why it's been some time since I uploaded anything.

During the last couple of months I haven't had any motivation for drawing and everytime I started doodling I have ended up throwing everything I made out, frustrated and stressed out. To me this is a very clear sign that I should take a break from the drawing and this is why you're probably not gonna see anything new from me anytime soon. I am still making 3d seeing how this is my job, working on an oldschool rpg strategy game (…), so I might post something from that production, after we're done making the game and everything.

I hope for your understanding and I'll see you or your art around