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Stitch Flexing

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I was watching through an episode of the series version of Lilo and Stitch. In episode 17 aka 627.

Stitch gets cocky after capturing another experiment and defeating Gantu and 625 (Ruben). In turn Lilo says that nobody can defeat stitch. So Jumba creates a new experiment named 627. Which in turn is better and supposed to be far more superior to stitch. Initially 627 escapes and ends up in the hands of Gantu who teams up with him to get any loose experiments. In turn Stitch becomes such a bigshot he mainly gets whooped by 627.

The scene is referred to when Lilo is looking up on the computer for the experiment. While by the mirror Stitch was flexing out. He was flexing quiet hard you could see how ripped he was.

That is why i decided to get a screenshot of him and well you should get the rest of the picture.

Mainly i made up what i could and made the mirror wider to get a fuller body shot both front and back. It wasn't too hard to do up but it's a good job.

Stitch is from the tv series Lilo and Stitch created by disney.
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i love stitch flexing this muscles so i though what would he look like if he mas is a super suit with a cape so i hope you like my version of this idea

Super Stitch looking at his new super suit