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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi guys!
You can call me Mary. I'm 21, Capricorn, French, I live near Bordeaux !
I like to draw, I like photography, and sometimes, I do it well. It's rare but when I (think I) do, I post.

Student in web design & visual communication.

FIND ME on Instagram : " rheacteur ". I post there sketches and stuff I don't post here.

I do return the llamas back, thanks to those who give me those amazing lil badges <3 (I love llamas.)


Draconis Inferno
Hi DeviantArt, today's picture is a dragon !
It is a school project for art class, we had to make a picture where we see the frames (is that the right word for foreground, background etc ? :'D) based on a picture of a forest.
I drew a volcanic cave with a dragon for my dear fantasy universe. I don't have any special story for this yet (unlike my sea-dragon), but maybe this will come, haha.

Anyway, the idea behind this drawing came from last holidays, when i spent my whole Christmas and New Year working. I didn't have any time to relax and I thought, "omg, that's a hell of holidays". And then tilt, HELL ! I wasn't inspired for art class, and it came like a miracle : gonna draw some Hell cave. And here we go ! The reason for this drawing is much more pragmatic than the usual...
The guardian of the seas
Hi everyone ! I'm back with a... concept art, is this what it is ? of my universe, the Alkunn.
This drawing was supposed to be a Ghibli-like scenery buuuut my mind dreamt a little too much and it happened.

So ! Now that I am happy with myself because I finally drew something after months, time for the STORY. If you aren't really interested or lazy, here's the summary: this is a cave in the ocean Aqir, belonging to the god Aqir, the great leviathan. And this is in a cave. As you can see. Right. And also, bioluminescence. 

Still there ? Nice, here's a cookie for you. And thanks. ;)


So, yes, the ocean Aqir belongs to Aqir, the biggest leviathan alive. A real legend for the sailors out there. Aqir is the guardian of the seas and of the sailors. He protects them from many dangers (including themselves sometimes). But the greatest of all is Ivish, his worst enemy, a giant Kraken which gave its name to another ocean. Those two are the most famous legends for the sailors. Ivish is known for destroying everything and for trying to kill Aqir to conquer his territory, but they never stopped fighting. They are very secret, very mysterious, and seeing one of them is never a good news (even though seeing Aqir can be reassuring during a storm since it will protect you... probably, legends are true, right ?). 
This dragon may or may not be Aqir. All we know is that he is really, really big and has many children remaining hidden. Ivish was seen for the last time killing a human soldier named Ismar on the edge of a cliff, now named "the Death of Ismar". The man became a hero for humans.


Yup, that is also interesting (at least for me) ! Bioluminescence summarise it pretty well but you don't know everything. THE SHELLS. The shells are great. You see those blue and purple little dots ? Those are the bioluminescent shells. Their light is their mean to recognize each other in the colony. One colony has one color and one "smell". The colony with the biggest shell (which also has the strongest smell and luminescence) has the right to expand itself the most. If another colony tries to attack them, they better be prepared, because the "smell" is in fact a poison they throw to their enemies. Tiny colonies rarely survive that kind of battle...

Jellyfish are not very original, they are... jellyfish. Basically. And mushrooms are mushrooms. I'm really not an expert of underwater wildlife so, forgive me, maybe my shells aren't original at all after all. xD But I did this without any documentation nor reference so I'm pretty happy with myself rn. :D


Thanks for reading if you did ! Let me know if you want further information, I'm always happy to talk about my world :)
Tep, Autumn guardian
Hi! Just did that today while I'm in a very cool internship :'D First time ever I'm using a Cintiq-like graphic tablet. And man, that's a little complicated in the beginning (gave me a headache lol) but that's really interesting. Anyway, I drew this again, using a different style (a little forced because I did what I could with this new tablet lol).

Pretty happy with it and a good training for the work I will have to do. And talking 'bout working, I'm heading back to it !

Edit: My god, i'm watching this from my PC at home and the skin is so weird he seems ill. xD Color differences. *sigh* It also seems less nice than I thought but that's my first drawing with brand new techniques to me so I'm still happy about it :)
Hi, there's an OC of mine! I'm a lazy shit (and supposed to work) so imma just take the desc i put on Facebook. Sorry, it's gonna be in French, but if you want me to translate, just ask ! :)

Voici Akaash, le titan/dieu du Chaos (selon ses ennemis) et de la Liberté (selon lui et ses partisans) dans mon univers.

C'est un boss final. Un sheyim hyène, race croisée entre Krarat (race humanoïde semi-animale) et démons, nécromancien passionné qui a acquis une presqu'immortalité grâce à des artéfacts qu'il a longtemps cherché. Il a pour ambition de libérer son monde du joug d'un tyran divin. Dieu autoproclamé, son immortalité lui a permis de maîtriser tous les éléments magiques, ou presque. Il ne souhaite qu'une chose, trouver les dernières pièces du puzzle et détruire l'Ordre Liméen.

Son avenir est incertain, car pour un mortel, affronter un dieu créateur est une tâche ardue.

... Comment ça ça se voit pas ? Comment t'oses insulter mon Akaash ? JE TE PERMETS PAS.

Bon en vrai c'est la première fois que j'arrive à le dessiner (ce bâtard comme je le disais à quelqu'un, parce que bon, c'est un peu un bâtard). Ouais en réalité c'est un type très gentil, qui se bat (parfois très violemment) pour ses convictions. Justes ou pas, c'est à chacun de voir. 

Et les coeurs c'est juste que je trouvais que ça faisait super vide.

Akaash - (c) Moi


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