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Yuki Cross Vampire Knight Artemis Scythe Tutorial

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I made this Artemis Scythe to go with my Yuki Cross cosplay that has been laying around for a couple of years.

It was made for about $30, not including the materials I already had at home.


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Hi :) I was wondering how long and thick your dowel rod is? Your tutorial has helped me so much :) thank you!
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Might I ask what the thickness of the foam board is? Please and thank you!
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Thank you very much for the tutorial!~
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YESS! Thanks so much! I just picked up all the supplies to make this!! :) Going as Yuki next month to the Memphis Comic Expo and I was lost in the thoughts of making this until I saw this!!
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What is the length you used of the blade?
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Hello! It is around 3.5 feet long!
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Excuse me, so sorry to bother ya, but... do you take on comissions?
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I'm sorry, I do not, I wouldn't have time to complete everything I was trying to finish if I did. I apologize!
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Please dear, you have no reason to apologize! I'm happy with just a reply back. <3
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Sorry to ask, for some reason half of the picture wont load and otherwise I can't read it, but what kind of handle did you use for the scythe? I have a very disobedient computer unfortunately ;-;
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They said they used a dowel rod.
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Would this tutorial work for a scythe blade as big as a 11-13 FT curved blade? Im mostly worried about how sturdy it will be.
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I would not risk it unless you somehow put wooden supports in it.
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My friend is cosplaying as yuki cross with me cosplaying as zero kiryu from vampire knight and can she used your tutorial for her yuki cosplay ?
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of course she can use it! That is what it is here for!
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Very helpful tutorial (:
Would using gesso be better than paper mache?
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Yes, gesso comes out harder and smoother than paper mâché :)
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Ok thanks :)
And will the gesso make it somewhat durable?
Enough so it would survive dropping on the floor or something?
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yea, if you put at least 3 coats on it!
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OMG I am so going to use this to help me. I was just printing out refs of Yuki's uniform but I was wondering how to do artemis... thanks so much!! :hug:
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you are very welcome! I hope it helps!
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This is very helpful, there should be more people seeing this 'A' (And commenting on it)
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