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I FIXED THEM: Now, Ink and Error can grab your cursor, they dangling legs, lying down, crawling, blinking and winking much more times! All of them are much more mischevious than ever. Dream Sans and Underswap Sans now have Calm version. Nightmare Sans, Underswap Sans, Dust Sans, Fresh Sans and Reaper Sans calm and mischevious versions were fixed.


List of them:
- Aftertale Sans
- Asylum Sans
- Birdtale Sans
- Dream Sans
- Dust Sans
- My own Dusty
- Flowerfell Sans
- Fresh Sans
- Gaster Sans
- Ink and Error Sans
- Nightmare Sans
- Reaper Sans
- Sans (classic)
- Underfell Sans
- Underswap Sans
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I have a slight problem. i feel this can work on a chromebook. how can I apply this? since I'm slightly dumb and can't figure things out lmao. someone mind helping me with this problem?

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Hiya! There is problem overall with those shimejis and need to be replaced, I'll work on that.

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Im having a problem with the pack. I downloaded it and when i double clicked the shimiji icon it never appeared. I looked and it said it was running but i could not see the shimiji any where on my screen. Did i do something wrong while downloading the pact or is the pack just broken..?

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I recently had the same problem so I'd need to replace the whole thing with new working files, I totally forgot about that. Sadly some shimejis just ain't working anymore even after the update, but I'll try to fix it as fast as I can.

why couldnt u bundle all of them in one floder

edit: oh thats why

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How do you upload your Shimeji onto the website?

can you do a killer sans shimeji? I would be grateful :v, and... I loved the shimeji's you made... I use them a lot. thanks :3

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I didn't made them, I only put the all shimeji's in the pack, I only made one here, but thank you dear

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Thank you A lot for Uploading this, I Love having little Sans' Running Across my Screen. Especially Having them Grab onto my Mouse and Steal my Open Windows. With this Pack, I Didn't Need to find them all Separately. Thanks again! :D Also, If you are Worried if it won't Work on your Window Model, It Will. You Just need something to Convert the Files from a rar File into a Zip Files and BOOM, You have a Annoying Sans.
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it doesnt want to work for me for some reason, the only ones ive downloaded that work is Puro and a Suicune one.
chelbiexhunter's avatar
for some reason it wont let me download it >.< help?
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Now i have 5 Blueberry on my screen!! EeEeEeEeEeEeE~
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Oh my stars this is AMAZING! Thank you so much for taking time out of your life and making this! I appreciate it so much! Question, is there an Outertale version? I love space uwu
TheFallenHuman313's avatar
How do I use this kind of file? It's white and black with a z (the file type?)
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Question: Would it be possible to create a fully uncorrupt Nightmare? I still want a Nightmare but his tentacles get in the way of everything, so would this be possible?
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I only made the pack, not shimejis
EchoTheCallsOfNight's avatar
Would you mind asking the person who made them this/telling them my question?
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Can you give me instructions on how to make it work please? Sorry for the inconvenience!  
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yeah instructions would be needed for me too
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i can only get aftertale sans 2.0?!? nOOOOOO ;-;
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I'm having the same problem and I don't know why! Maybe because it's a big pack?
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Oh my gosh! THEY'RE SO CUUUTE!
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