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Bendy and The Ink Machine - SHIMEJI!

Download link (below in desc :p ):…
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Uhh can I still download this-? [Don't ask why I'm 3 years late-]

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It must still be somewhere on my google drive but I assume it needs a bit of refresh, since lately I've encountered some problems with shimejis so this one may not work as well. Sorry for late answer!

It's alright! Atleast you're not a year late. Let alone three.

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How do I download? I really need help because I want it on the desktop too.
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how do i download it???
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Can You Do Boris?
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Hiya! I sent you a note a few days back regarding usage of this Shimeji as a downloadable image set in my Android Shimeji app (I don't charge people to download, credit and links to you and this page are supplied). Just wondering if you saw it?
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Oh yeah, I forgot to answer. Yeah, you can use it, just don't forget to credit me.
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Thanks! I won't forget xD
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i have a problem, when i click on it the icon appears but the shimeji itself doesnt... (i have extracted it and downloaded java and clicked on the java file, i even tried opening the quiet program first but that had no effect)
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Hmm... I, on win 8 needed to click on java app, but on win 10 you should click on that
Screenshot 11 by NiuniuNuko
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im on 8 and i did click the java file like i always have
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es muy kawaiii Smol Bendy - F2U 
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i'm having trouble to unzip this because during the process it stops due some possible errors
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Btw, the end of school year is coming, I am after exams, so i'll be able to make TBOI shimeji's :p
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And hope you like it :3
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