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Hold The Line prides itself with a community that boasts a multitude of ingenious initiatives launched by our most passionate advocates. One of our upcoming initiatives, Turn On / Turn Off BioWare was recently featured in Forbes magazine for its fierce demonstration of passion and sincerity towards BioWare and its Mass Effect video game franchise.

To that end, we introduce to you another initiative that aims to create an impact across the seas of the gaming industry. Hold The Line proudly presents:

Operation Letter Tsunami

Five of our most ardent members in Hold The Line initially devised their own creative letter/postcard campaign as stand-alone projects. However, these members recently joined forces to combine their initiatives behind one force. In an attempt to create a more resounding impact, they will be sending all the letters/postcards from their respective initiatives during the same date. Rest assured, we will not be sending these to a company mailroom but directly to the desks of key figures behind BioWare and EA like Dr. Ray Muzyka and Michael Lawder respectively.

Listed below are brief overviews of various initiatives under the umbrella of Operation Letter Tsunami. Choose to participate in one or even in all five campaigns, if you wish to take part in this monumental operation. For more details regarding the blueprints of each plan, please visit the original thread in Hold The Line!…

Hold The Line does not require membership to view the thread! However, we strongly encourage you to register so you can actively participate in discussions.

Thank you! We look forward to working with you guys!

The Five Options:

1) Idea by kihten Send a letter to EA explaining what is at stake, use blueprint A and any statistics you may have on EA's stock value, dropping prices or express that you will not buy another game from EA/BioWare nor will you advice your friends to do so. (you may use the links for statistics) Send it to one (or multiple) of the addresses from the link.

2) Idea by @TheCharAznable two-fold letter campaign, use blueprint B.

Send a letter to friends explaining why they shouldn't buy Mass Effect 3 games nor other games of EA/Bioware, then send a copy to one (or multiple) of the addresses below.

3) Idea by shadowchaser Send a letter explaining which problems you have with EA/Bioware, their practices or their products and include a self-addressed stamped envelope(SASE) for a response, use blueprint C.

Explain what you find lacking, what you would like added and/or what practices you find unacceptable. Send them to one (or multiple) of the addresses from the link.

4) Idea by jana Avila 'Future Gamers' Send a letter with pictures, drawings and anything related to your children, nephews or cousins, little brother or sisters etc. Use blueprint D.

Our fight may have a whole lot more meaning then we ourselves realise. The ramifications of what we do today may (and must) pass on into the future to help shape the gaming industry in a better way. We wouldn't want to have to tell our kids 'games used to be fun, but then the gaming industry turned it into the same 10 games and started copying those' Send them to one (or multiple) of the addresses below

5) Idea by DrowVampyre. Postcards! Send a postcard to the people at EA and BioWare to voice your opinion on the endings and general practices. This one is a bit special, use the guide at Blueprint E below on how to send this postcard, as usual a blueprint is below for the ready-to-send text.
If a letter isn't really your style, why not send a postcard? Send them to one (or multiple) of the addresses from the link.

We can make this happen, what we need is to bury EA and BioWare under mail until they have no choice but to grasp our hand to escape.
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might not update this gallery as much as the cosplay one since carpal tunnel syndrome is nagging me and I don't really draw that much since then... but yeah, I'll keep you guys posted with whatever I managed to doodle here


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Ya! You can find me in Flickr, and Facebook :D

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