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Unnamed Title (roughdraft): Intro
I sigh in bliss as my skin soaked in the sun delicious rays. The summer heat making my slightly tanned skin warm. My toes were in the warm comfort of the sand and my hands were covering the top of my eyelids like a visor as I searched the beach for my best friend.
It was our last day of summer vacation before we start our first day as seniors in high school; a day we have been looking forward to and dread at the same time. After two months of spending our days working, going to the beach, seeing concerts and endless slumber parties our summer dream was coming to an end; much to our tangerine.
“Found her yet?” a very boyish voice said as I turned my protected eyes on to Mason; one of my other best friends. His impish smile lit up his tanned skin as he saw me squinting up at him from my towel; probably thinking about how short I was again.
Mason was my one of my first friends in kindergarten, ever since I took his cookie and beat him up when he ratted me out to our tea
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Angel's Siren- Intro
Angel's Siren
By, Natsumi456
During the time of great pain, God asked himself why he had even created such creatures as Angels and Demons. They always fought, and he thought that after many years that maybe they would've gotten into some agreement of some kind before the world destroyed itself all together. But no, the fighting wore on.
Not only that, the only creatures other than the Angels and Demons were Humans, and they weren't as nice either. They always fought with their own species, even family members. Again, God questioned himself. Someone had to keep them all in line.
With his duties of caring of the dead, he could no longer care for the living, or the dead Angels and Demons. Even the Devil, his brother in blood, had no time to cause destruction upon the world. Could the world end so quickly?
No, God would not stand for it. He would not, and will not. He summoned up his powers, and brought forth his brother. His brother, covered in red, horns of glory, sat smirking on h
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Living Without A Soul- ch.1
Living without a Soul
By, Natsumi456
Chapter 1
How was I supposed to know? How did I even get into this mess?
I didn’t mean to become a member of the night. I didn’t mean to have fangs. I didn’t mean to become friends with the new kids in school. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.
I really wanted this to be dream. No, it was a nightmare, much worse than a dream.
This horrible nightmare started when the new kids came to town. They were nice, but creepy. They all wore dark colors, never any lights. They were avoided at school, and I was going to do that as well, if they weren’t my new neighbors.
The new kids weren’t part of a big family. They were twins, a boy and a girl. The girl’s name was Amy, and the boy’s name was Richard. They both had black hair, except Amy’s hair was long with purple streaks, and Richard’s hair was short.
My mom had decided to introduce them to me even though I had
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Legend: The Elize Chronicles
Legend: The Elize Chronicles
By, Natsumi456
Chapter 1
The sun’s rays poured over my face, making me squint. I opened my silver eyes wide, so I could see where I was. I sat up, slowly taking in my surroundings. The plains were as beautiful as ever, the light green grass flowing, the flowers sprung to life, the tree swishing in the wind. The rivers relaxing sound calmed me down a bit. I looked down, trying to see where I had been sleeping. I was sleeping on a mossy rock. I quickly jumped up.
I quickly tried to get the moss off of my dress. My simple dark blue dress, my apron, were both covered in leafs and petals. The petals were probably from the trees, they were starting to blossom. I quickly cleaned them off, and hurried over to the river bank. I quickly looked at my reflection in the water, which was not good.
I quickly took some of the water in my hands, and poured it on my head, and flattened my chocolate brown hair. It was better after I finished. It was presentable. I
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Magic Life Intro and chapter 1
Magic Life
By, Natsumi456
In a city called Barmelean the king and queen had quadruplets. The 4 had more than one power, witch was rare in Barmelean. But the queen’s aunt, Sharley, wanted the throne and would do anything for it. Even kill her own sister’s, Chizuru,  children. But instead she planned on killing her niece and marring her husband, Tadashi.  But first she has to get rid of her own husband. Chizuru knew of this plan and decided to leave Barmelean. She told Tadashi of this. He tried to convince her other wise but it was no good. So they came up with a plan. Chizuru took the 2 girls and Tadashi kept the 2 boys. For months the both cried. But after a while they understood it was for the good of them both and their children. 13 years later is where our story begins.
Chapter 1
In a city called Magoleon lived a mother and her two 12 year old daughters. This mother was a woman called Chizuru. She used to be queen… until she found out her aun
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I love to read and write, and to honestly be social. However, as social as I am, I am always daydreaming. Within my daydreams are stories, and while sometimes I can't get all of them on paper or on my laptop (because honestly I have too many) I still like to write about them. While some I will not finish, I hope that one day I will have an actual book published and become a writer, something I have wanted to be since I was middle school.
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I'm starting to draw again, and i'm not a good at drawing. So, i wanted some help on drawing the female bodies, because i always have the most trouble with that. and hands... and feet... and legs... everything... does anyone have some good tips? or some good tutorials?? just link some to me pls! Pls and thank you!

<3 u all!


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