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My image are copyright to myself. Anyone who misuses my images will be subject to fine.

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Little Sheep
" Be careful little sheep. For if you wonder too far from the flock you may run into a wolf. It does not matter if it's black, white or rainbow, All sheep taste the same "

My new role play character Larkin :D
Because of his dislike of humans he refers to them as sheep.

Image © Me :iconnatsumewolf:
(You do not have permission to use this image or my character in any way. He is copyright to myself and it will result in a fine if you misuse!)
Wolf Shifter Larkin Reference
My new wolf shifter for Role Playing. All designed and created by me.

Larkin is a wolf shifter who is about 6.5 tall and 36 years old. His pelt is white, black/grey and brown/orange. Eye brown/orange. Scars adorn his body also damaging left eye. Parents unknown, pack mates/family unknown. Has no biological children, but does have an adopted daughter. Sexual preference is petite more fem men. Larkin is a top dom.
He is very quick to anger, though its evident he tries to control it. At first he seems very distant, cold and unkind. But once he opens up you can see he's very loyal and protective. Larkin is a very no nonsense type of character. His step daughter is helping him with that, but he won't fully open up until he is shipped.
Not much is known about his past. Larkin won't talk about anything prier to his enslavement. Basically he was forced to be a slave fighter for the entertainment of humans. Thats where he met his step daughter and the two of them escaped. They have been freely now for a few years.
Because he is a wolf shifter Larkin is best suited for a fantasy/limited technology type of world. So anything Skyrim/D&D/Dragon Age related.
I originally created him for a new yaoi comic I wanted to do. The synopsis would be that his adopted daughter is sick and in order to get the money to help get her better he kidnaps a prissy pet and holds him for ransom, and obviously that would lead into the romance. The pet I had in mind was a old anthro I made named Sinopa who was a marble fox. But since I won't have time to work on 3 comics let alone 2 I would like to use him in a RP.

So I will be looking for anyone interested in shipping with me. But the character has to be a biological male, between the ages of 19-30, be a rich person's pet, have a human body but animal ears and tail ( any kinda cute small animal - no wolves please ). The RPer also has to be over the age of 20 with some sort of drawing skills. I prefer storylining where we each write like a paragraph and write out our own characters actions and verbage.

**This is my personal copyrighted character. You have NO RIGHT to use him in any way!**



NatsumeWolf's Profile Picture
United States
Hello and welcome to my page.

You can also find me at:……

I am a freelance illustrator who graduated with a BFA from Moore college of art and design for women in 2013

I work in both traditional and digital medium and focus mostly on organic things. Currently I am looking for a job in my field where I can utilize my skills and grow as an artist.


****** My Policy****** ( Please read)
Please read and understand my policy with my artwork as well as commissions. If ignored, it could wind up being a law suit.

*Referencing/ tracing/ posting my work*
I do not mind if you want to reference my work or trace it to help you with your work, just be sure to give credit. However, please do NOT reference or trace a picture of my work fully! I would like you to be a little more creative and change it to your own characters as well as your own style and colors. For more information how to reference properly please view this example:…
and :…
The only time you are NOT allowed to use my artwork as a reference is if I have told you, you do not have my permission and if it was a commission or YCH. YOU DO NOT have my permission to reference commissioned work or YCH images.

With that said, please DO NOT REPOST MY ARTWORK!!! If its a commission or trade I did for you, you are more than welcome to repost. But if you just like an image or you try to claim an image of your own I will NOT allow it and it. If I want my artwork posted on another site, I will do it myself!

I own copyright on all my images as well as my characters. Please DO NOT use my characters or images for rp sites or anything of that nature. I will file a law suit. I am no stranger to the court room or copyright infringement so please do not do anything to warrant such legal actions.

* Commissions/ trades / Requests*
. Commissions: I am always open for commissions so please note me to get a proper pricing for what you would like. I can do anything you want just do not be afraid to ask. I can do anything from character design, comic book pages, child books, pet and people portraits. There are, however a few things I will not do. Just ask me and I will let you know what I can do.

.Trades: I am usually really busy, but ask me and I might accept a trade

. Requests: Requests are NEVER open! So please do not ask for me to do free work. It is just utterly disrespectful to ask an artist for free work.

* Payment*
I accept all forms of payment from Paypal to cash in the mail or checks. However, I do have some rules when paying with these features.

.Paypay: is the most accepted form of payment, However you are NOT permitted to refund yourself. All sales are FINAL and if you try and refund yourself after getting the item or digital art, it will be considered stealing and I will file a lawsuit against you. So please reframe from clicking the refund button unless you want to see me in court.

. Cash or check in the mail: You are required to provide tracking! Also be aware that you will not be allowed to get your item until the check is cleared!
** May 1st 2018 UPDATE **
I am going to post after page 20. So that may be today or tomorrow!!!!!!

Life was so much more simple back in high school when I started here. I could work on art on a daily basis and be as active as I could online. Over the past few years since having a full time job, taking care of a house, paying bills and etc- it's becoming more difficult for me to do art and things online. With that said, it has also become increasingly more difficult for me to even get motivated to do anything as well-That being the reason why I don't post much of the WR Next Generation Comic. (( SOON I will finish it, but I will once I get another started ))

I am currently in production of a new ORIGINAL comic. I took nothing from an existing show or anime to make this one. This new comic is all me with no one else co-writing it. It's going to be a graphic yaoi comic. Now, because DA does not allow most x rated things it will be censored when I post here with a mature warning on it. If you want to see behind the blackedout boxes all you simply have to do is read the comic on my FA account.… (( Don't look yet, it's not posted )).

I have waited a long time to do my own original webcomic. And now I can finally do just that. Currently-as of writing this, I am doing the outline for page 17. Hopefully soon I will be able to start posting it here and the uncensored on my FA account. It won't be a long story. Most likely under 50 pages. It's just mostly about the smut with little story, but I am hoping to have some emotion it there. If enough people read it I have plans on doing other stories as well. But.. we'll see.
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