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As I told you before, this next journal entry is something BIG :heart:

I got a request from our member :iconmikaaislin:
She and some other members need your help for an awesome campaign, read the details here:

Show your support for Natsume Yuujinchou by joining our Go Natsume 伍 campaign!

We deeply love Natsume Yuujinchou and want to give back some of the happiness this series has brought us. This project was born to let the Japanese creators know that we as fans would support a possible fifth anime season and to thank them for giving us such a wonderful series. Now you can send us your pictures and your messages and know with certainty that a copy will be delivered to Midorikawa sensei.

To participate and send them a message, just take a picture meeting these criteria:

1) dress as a youkai (could be a shadow youkai) or represent Natsume's world somehow
2) have some sort of official merchandise or official manga in view
3) include the campaign motto "Go Natsume 伍!" or "Go Natsume 5!" somewhere in the picture

and send it to us using the Submit form on the Go Natsume 伍! Website (…). We'll send a printed fan-compiled Yuujinchou with all the photos and messages to Midorikawa-sensei, Brain's Base and Hakusensha.

But that's not all!

In a few days we will also start the "Weekly Episode", where a selected picture will be chosen and accompanied with a short story as the first "episode" of the "Natsume Yuujinchou Go - Fan Season."

There are a lot of other ways to get involved in this campaign even if you don't want to take a picture of yourself or can't get official merchandise. Visit our site for more information and to read about the other side projects (…).

Please help us show the Japanese creators that this is a series that has touched fans the world over! And please help us spread the word! You can find banners, icons, and more at the Support Us section (…).
<<Quote end

If you want to show your entries at our NYGroup too, I've made a new folder: natsume-yuujinchou.deviantart.… which is named Natsume Go Campaign.
(But please make sure you also send your deviations to the Natsume Go fanpage)

Please keep in mind, that we, :iconmichiaki: and :iconcayra: are not the admins of this fanpage.
If you have any questions, suggesstions etc, please contact :iconmikaaislin:

Spread the :heart:
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mikaaislin's avatar
Thank you again for posting this! <3
Michiaki's avatar
no prob, it's a wonderful idea :D

I will send something too, as soon as I have some time to do so :heart:
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This is totally awesome! I would love to see the 5th season *u*///
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fiore777's avatar
This sounds like a wonderful idea, I'm sure if nothing else it will make them feel happy to see such support. :)
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