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Deflect Arrow

By Natsum-i
Done with Photoshop CS5

Sizes include:
-Android Tab (Samsung)
-1920 x 1200
© 2011 - 2021 Natsum-i
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Amazing! 2016 and I still love your walls :)
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great work a beautiful and minimalistic wallpaper
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This is quite nice looking! Thanks!
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Thanks, it's nice!
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this is a great wallpaper.. but could you add in a few colored arrows?
i think it would look great with colored arrows!
this is a great wallpaper.. but do you think you could make a few color-ed version of the arrows?
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I can make you some... What colours do you want and what sizes should they be. I can see what i can do for you and email them to you... so i would need your email address too.
sorry for the late reply..
maybe facebook blue? and some colors. :)

i might check out the inbox late, but when i see it i will definitely rate it if you've uploaded here, just link me.
thank you so much :).
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Ok sorry for the long delay... but i have emailed them...
hi. its very nice:) and i didnt know you are a girl. hehe. where are you from?
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Great wallpaper. If possible, could you email me a version without the arrows (1920x1200)? I have dual monitor setup and would like to use this one as my right hand screen wallpaper and then put a blank one (sans arrow) on the left. my email is
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Its on its way...
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You RULE. Thank you so much. Now my desktop looks solid! [link]
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Wow even if i have to my say it myself... it looks real good...
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