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Lucys Christmas Nightmare Video



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Here is our newest video commission for :iconkairoshi:!

Damsel in Distress: Lucy

The models are over 21. Dont post or upload our video some where else or we´ll go for legal consequences!

Its Christmas morning and Lucy prepared herself to get some nice Presents! After getting into her Livingroom with all her Presents ready to be openend she didnt noticed the intruder who was sneaking up from behind to put her to sleep... When she awakes she didnt know what happened but she ended tied and gagged... Or is this just a wired dream???

Video includes: A lot of Pantys, on screen tieing, on screen gagging, pantyshots, rope bound, tape bound, maid dress, pantys visible, lucy dress, tapegag, over the mouth gag, cleavegag, stockings, socked feet, boots, chloroform, less story but even more struggling and moaning, garterbelt, opera gloves, did i mentioned Pantys?

Video Length: 20:32 Minutes

The video is available on Patreon until: 28.02.2019 after that you have to buy it in our Oronjo store.^^

Video cost: 12,50 Euros

Model: :iconkitty-0f-d00m:
Video: :iconjester-rogue:


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As a late present for the Orthodox Christmas Day, our talented bondage cosplayers feature another video, with Lucy Heartfilia from "Fairy Tail" as a Damsel in Distress again.

We join fair Lucy as she is just waking up from a sound sleep, and it's Christmas morning. (I know she said it's Christmas Eve, but I'm sure it takes place on Christmas morning. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="387" title=";) (Wink)"/>) As she gets out of bed, she tells herself, "Good thing I only have one outfit." Then she exits her bedroom and heads to the living room, where presents are under the Christmas tree.

Lucy crouches under the tree, remarking, "Oooh, so many gifts!" before she admires the Nintendo Switch and then picks up another box, trying to find out what's within it. But as she's about to open the present, an uninvited guest suddenly sneaks up behind her and presses a rag against her mouth and nose. No, not chloroform! She tries to fight him off, but alas, the somnolent effects of the drug have already taken hold. A moment passes, and she completely passes out in her kidnapper's arms.

With Lucy knocked out, everything else is a haze as her assailant proceeds to bind her with rope, starting with her ankles. He's already gotten it wound around and cinches it with a hard knot. Next her legs get tied in the same manner, followed by her arms behind her back. After that, he places two strips of tape over Lucy's mouth in the form of a cross, sealing her pretty lips, before tying a cloth around that gag.

An unknown amount of time passes before Lucy comes to. However, for some reason, she finds herself back in her bedroom, bound in tape instead of rope. Also, she's cleave-gagged instead of tape-gagged, and she's dressed as a maid instead of her usual outfit. As she struggles to get up, she tries to piece together what happened since to put her in this predicament, but she can't remember anything from the time she was grabbed and chloroformed.

As Lucy pushes herself onto her back, she tries to get her gag off, as it is itching her mouth, but it's no use. As she picks herself up, she wonders, "How did I get back in my bedroom?" But she decides to table that thought for later and begins struggling to escape, tugging her legs against the tape that binds them. She leans back to get a better view of her feet (and we get a shot of Lucy's—ahem!—unmentionables <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="387" title=";) (Wink)"/>) and tugs her ankles to try to break the duct tape holding them together. Alas, this effort goes unrewarded. She rolls onto her stomach and tugs at the tape binding her wrists, contorts her body upward (where we get a FULL shot of Lucy's —ahem!—unmentionables from that angle <img src="…" width="23" height="15" alt=":wow:" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="480" title="Wow!"/>) and tries to bite and undo the tape binding her legs, but, combined with the cleave gag, no effort she makes can alleviate her predicament, not to mention, the bindings are out of her reach. She rolls onto her back and tugs again at the tape binding her wrists, but still cannot get it to budge or break.

Lucy slides onto her knees off the bed (and we get another full shot of Lucy's —ahem!—unmentionables from that angle. I do not recommend this video if you're squeamish about this.) and wriggles around, but can make no headway in freeing herself. (And whoa, do those—ahem!—unmentionables get a lot of screen time.) Lucy tugs and fights with all her strength, gets completely on the floor and continues her struggles, but no effort she makes can budge the bindings around her wrists or legs. She continues to contort every which way in an attempt to break her bindings, but it seems useless to even try. (And yet ANOTHER full shot of those—ahem!—unmentionables when Lucy rolls onto her side. <img src="…" width="23" height="15" alt=":wow:" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="480" title="Wow!"/> I think I've lost track of how many times her panties have been exposed.)

Lucy reaches for the tape binding her ankles, but cannot budge it to free her legs. Then she tries to slip free by tugging her legs, but those efforts go unrewarded as well. She tries to get to her feet, but slips and falls back onto her behind. Getting back onto the bed and picking herself precariously up, she pulls hard on the tape binding her while hopping around to keep her balance, but it is still holding firm. She struggles and strains until she can no longer stand, and then falls back onto her bed. She rolls onto her left side and then onto her back, resuming her struggles and trying to snap her bindings. She reaches again for the tape binding her legs, but it is out of her reach. She rolls onto her stomach partially (where we AGAIN get a shot of Lucy's —ahem!—unmentionables) and struggles some more, tugging her legs against her bonds. After shuffling around on the bed, she picks herself up again and strains in honest effort against her bonds once more. She reaches around for the tape binding her legs and pulls on it, but it just will not break. Rolling back onto her stomach again, she strains against the tape around her wrists, but she still cannot budge or break it. She reaches for the tape binding her ankles and yanks on it, but it will not break, either. After all this effort, Lucy decides that nothing can get her out of this predicament at the current stage, and she gives up the fight.

But then, Lucy realizes that her maid outfit and the tape bindings that trapped her were all just a horrible nightmare. Unfortunately,, as she wakes up, she realizes that she is tied up with rope and gagged with tape and cloth. Then she remembers what happened: She was chloroformed, and while she was knocked out, her assailant must have bound and gagged her.. The struggles begin all over again as Lucy strains against the ropes binding her wrists behind her back while she picks herself up from under the tree. She tugs and strains harder against her ties, but it seems they will not budge at the moment. Her legs strain against the ropes binding them, as well, but those ropes hold firm as well. Leaning toward the couch for leverage, she pushes herself a few inches toward the couch so that she can try to reach the ropes binding her ankles. Alas, they are out of her reach. As her cloth gag comes off her taped-up mouth, she tugs her legs again, hoping to find some kind of slack in her bondage, and she again tries to reach for the ropes binding her ankles, but neither effort is of any use. Lucy tugs and strains against her bonds again, but she cannot budge the ropes binding her. She tries to blow the tape gag off her lips, but it also holds firm.

Picking herself up, Lucy pushes herself back onto her knees and tugs her wrists inside her ropes again, to no avail, and her fingers can only brush up against the ropes binding her ankles. She seats herself on the couch and kicks her legs, hoping to loosen her ropes that way., but those efforts go unrewarded. Getting up from the couch and being able to stand precariously, she tugs harder and hops around to try to keep her balance, but the ropes refuse to budge. She curls up into a fetal position and continues struggling, contorting her body until she ends up back on the floor, but she still cannot move. Lucy strains and tugs with every ounce of strength in her being and again reaches for the ropes binding her ankles, but her efforts continue to be in vain. She tries to undo the ropes binding her wrists and ankles, but the knots are too tight. And after many hours of struggling, Lucy realizes that none of her efforts will help her in her current predicament, and she admits defeat.

These bondage videos only get better over time, because you keep thinking of original ideas for them. I would have never thought of having a dream of being tied up, and only waking up to find it wasn't a dream. That's what made me like this, and I hope to purchase another original video such as this in the near future.

Farewell for now, keep up the awesome, and as always, keep smiling, and keep dreaming.