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Knockout dilemma video

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Here is our newest video commission for :iconilcin:!^-^ 

Damsel:  Policegirl Ebony (Beistad Uniform) 

The model is over 21. Dont post or upload our video some where else or we´ll go for legal consequences!

 After a tiring day at work Ebony arrived at home... She put her jacket,  her hat and her shoes aside and decide to put on some comfy clothes! But  her nice plan got interupped by a masked intruder... Who has a fetish  for knocking out his victims... Multiple times!!! The poor Ebondy gets  chloroformed, knocked out with a neck chop and more chloroform!!! She  also ends well tied and gagged on her bed... Will she escape??? 

Video includes:  Plastergag, a damed lot of chloroform, neck chop, neck pinch, knock out  (Multiple times), rope bondage, on screen tieing, on screen gagging,  moaning, struggling, gag talk, over the shoulder carry, pantys,  stockings, socked feet, nyloned feet  

Video Length: 11:01 Minutes

Video cost: 10 Euros

The video is available until: 28.02.2018 after that you have to buy it in our Oronjo store.^^

Model: :iconkitty-0f-d00m:
Video/Redead: :iconjester-rogue:


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that`s great!
and what is the drama and is kidnap and bound sence episode?
Natsuko-Hiragi's avatar
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Sorry for the fact that it is the first time I have a single comment in English as a translator for Google.
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What is the name of this video?
Natsuko-Hiragi's avatar
Its the same as the headline:)

There is a link to the store video in the Description. :)
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Really enjoyed this one guys. Kitty did a great job with the knock outs, which I really liked you doing a KO vid paired with your great bondage work. 
Natsuko-Hiragi's avatar
Thanks for liking it and it seems we should do another ko video in the future :3
Mad-Man-with-a-Pen's avatar
I would very much endorse that :)
Natsuko-Hiragi's avatar
We got many ideas but we'll keep it in mind ;)
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Why are you guys masters of suggestive posing to get me to buy your vids?  :)
Natsuko-Hiragi's avatar
Dont know maybe becouse we put our pashion in it. ^.^
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You've been right she looks pretty hot All over XD ~ bet you two hat alot of fun ;)
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She look s cozy 
tallperv52's avatar
So sexy,knocked out by a chop too?,wonderful.
Natsuko-Hiragi's avatar
;D glad you liked it!
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Can never go wrong with a pretty girl in a white blouse in bondage
Vasun5's avatar
Boy good thing she wasn't drinking anything lol
Vasun5's avatar
I know what would happen if I stained my suit lol. I fear for her
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Classic white blouse bondage, oh my goodness.
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