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Love and blood

By Natsuki-3
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A vampire and a human boy. The pic is rather old by I still love it! V---V Hope you like it too...

:iconmeisan: has kindly accepted my work for her MUNZE contest although I sent it after the deadline. Thank you Meisan!!! :hug:

So, here is a little background story for this piece, I just had to write it down cause it didn't want to get out of my head =_____=

"Love and Blood"

It all took place in New York. Cyrus Severon walked the streets in search of a easy prey. He traveled the world for too long now, he was hungry and weakened, he was tiered of his loneliness and he was struggling with his own demons inside the dark soul of a very old blood drinker.

The victim he soon held in his arms with absolutely no signs of life was a shabby-looking, middle-aged man, who tried to attack him with a dagger for the money, which Cyrus never took with him - there was no need. Obviously this poor mortal thought that a well-dressed gentleman like Cyrus would surely have a thick wallet, but he was mistaken and the price he paid for his mistake was incomparably high.

The nights were passing by, in such way or another. Cyrus met mortals in the bars, shops, parks, invited them to the movies, that was one of few things he enjoyed in the modern world, you could see the magnificent sights of the day in sunlight without being burned to ashes. But it never brought him the peace and comfort that he longed for through centuries. The end was always the same - a bloody feast, nothing more. Until...

The old vampire exhausted from his pointless wonderings and abortive attempts in finding a companion for his lifetime laid himself on the steps of a long ago abandoned church near the graveyard, thinking of his miserable existence and blaming himself for leaving those he once knew and loved, but now they were all gone forever. He could do nothing but let his tears flow down his face leaving a bright red trace on the white hard skin...

Suddenly his preternatural senses sharpened and he felt a strong scent of human blood. Where was it coming from? Cyrus opened his eyes. Far away from the church he saw a boy carrying something in his hands. Blood drinker's features strained as he tried to catch a better look. The boy was extremely beautiful despite his dirty and ragged garments, perhaps in his early twenties, his dark hair hung over his shoulders, covering the right side of his well-shaped face, reveling only one visible deep-blue eye. His slender figure moved silently and gracefully through thick heavy moss-grown crucifixes. Instantly the vampire brought himself to his feet, quite hypnotized, remembering that he already had seen this boy several times on the streets of the great city. Most often the boy stood near the corner of some shop playing his violin and trying not to look at passers-by while lowering his gaze as if in shame. When Cyrus broke up from his memories he glanced at the youth's hands. Was it the violin he carried with him? No, it was something much bigger. Suddenly a cold wave of shock flue through vampire's heart - it was a baby! A little girl with the same dirty clothes and short messy dark hair, it seemed she was only four or five years old, and she was dead! This a vampire could determine unmistakably for there came a specific sickening smell that made Cyrus flinch slightly. He dared not to move and watched as the boy started to dig a tiny grave, murmuring a hardly audible prayer, he talked to the girl as if she was steel alive, and then finally he placed her carefully into the grave, covered the small face with a piece of some drapery and wiping his tears threw the wet earth to give the child eternal peace. Everything was finished; the dark-haired young man lay on the cold ground beside little girl's grave staring dully into the starry sky, abusing himself with dreadful thoughts of what kept him in this world of cruelty and violence... Soon he buried his head under his thin cloak and had fallen asleep.

Cyrus stiffened in astonishment, he was sincerely amazed by what he'd seen and now he had only one thought stuck in mind: "I have to know him! He's the one I've been looking for!" The next moment he was in the air, holding, as he realized, the most precious person he had in the last thousand years, even not knowing his name.

When the boy woke up next morning he found himself in a huge bedroom decorated in cobalt-blue, with multiple draperies, antique paintings, candelabrums and many other things you might see in a house of Ludovic XIV, he thought it being a dream and he certainly didn't want to wake up because he never had the opportunity to admire such luxuries, unless in a window of a distant house protected by high stone walls. He opened the heavy door and walked down a broad stairway. He discovered the house to be incredibly enormous and luxurious. There also was a great library with thousands of books. All this seemed so unreal... And it became even more mysterious when the scarlet sunset started to play its game of long vanishing shadows.

A tall man with snow-white face stood in a doorway of the library where the youth had spent his last three hours hungrily examining numerous bookshelves. The blond gentleman was reaching out a brand new, perfectly made violin, whispering: "Play for me Dominick...please!". And he played indeed! He wasn't afraid of the strange man dressed in clothes he only had seen on people from the old paintings, neither of the fact that this person knew his name, quite the contrary, he felt himself drawn to him though not knowing why so. That night became a start point for Cyrus's and Dominick's never-ending "conversation".

They walked the nights talking about world events, about people, about life, about death, about everything! Dominick has told how he'd landed on the streets without any money, having only his old threadbare violin, which nevertheless had been stolen with all he'd earned few days ago, when he had fallen asleep from sheer exhaustion. Of course Cyrus already knew all that, for he easily read the boy's mind, but he loved to drown himself in soft and velvety sounds of Dominick's voice, he loved to look into his deep blue eyes, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder in sign of reassurance.

Dominick's parents lived in a poor district, daily poisoning themselves with drugs and alcohol and he didn't care for them at all, but his sister... He loved her more then anything else in his life and one day he found her dead in the bathroom - she was brutally murdered by her own father in a spate of rage. It was her he burred on the old cemetery that day. And that was the night he ran away from home. He was crying now...

He never asked Cyrus why they could be together only at nights or why his body was so hard and had the color of a marble statue, and as Master gave him another lesson of ancient philosophy he just listened, absorbing the treatises of Cicero, Aristotle or Socrates. But then came the night when Cyrus has revealed his secret just because he couldn't bare to lie to his love anymore. Yes - love, their affection to each other grew faster and larger and they spent much time together, so every time Cyrus had to leave again, Dominick was outraged to not having the allowance of sleeping with his Master in the coffin! And when the boy once again was pleading to give him the Dark Blood it took all Cyrus's will power to not to take him right now and right there, he wanted it badly but he didn't dare... he loved him too much to make his precious companion suffer with the burden of immortality that would surely bring him one day to the edge of madness. He knew it too well...

Their contact hadn't always been verbal. Dominick spoke to his Master through his music; playing furiously over and over he gave all he'd got, opening himself like a book full of sacred thoughts and wild emotions. When they spoke - it was the game of minds, when he played - it was the game of hearts and passion!

It has now been almost a year and a half since the beginning of this unusual relationship, when Dominick was suddenly struck down by a strange immune illness and it was getting worse fast. Something had to be done immediately! But Cyrus would rather die himself then make his love a blood drinker, so he worked out a strategy - he would have to give the boy his powerful blood little by little until he would heel entirely. It was the only way to save Dominick not turning him into a vampire, so first Cyrus drank from him and then returned the purified healthy blood back. Every time Master's blood got into the boy's mouth he received magnificent visions of green fields and mountain valleys, of garden with blossoming trees and waterfalls of the Rain Forest so he could even feel the cool drops of clear water on his face. But in few hours the pain in his chest came back again, though it was not as strong as before and everything seemed to show the nearest recovery. But...

One evening, when the silent jaws of darkness swallowed the golden disc of the dying sun, Cyrus awakening from his inevitable sleep felt the dreadfully heavy pounding of his immortal heart. Something was wrong, very wrong... He rushed to his lover's room using full strength and speed. Reaching the chamber he slammed the doors open - no one was there! He sharpened his senses but did not feel Dominick's presence in the house, he ran out into the inner garden... What he saw then completely cut the ground out from under his feet, bloody tears came streaming down his chicks, turning his white tunic into a garden of miniature red roses.

His beloved one was half-laying on the autumn grass under the trees writhed like a frightened animal, clenching a tiny piece of paper in his fist. His hand was bleeding as well as his mouth - obviously the pain he received had been too strong and unbearable... Cyrus could hardly move himself, he was trembling and he had to make a valiant effort to walk forward, for his body didn't listen to him at all. He was dragging along like a mummy with wide-open eyes. Finally he dropped to his knees and let out a horrible wail of agony and loss that almost shook the very ground! In his desperation he took Dominick's into an extremely tight embrace merely crushing it as if trying to make him breath again, but it was too late, even the Dark Blood was of no use now - his love had left him, his life had left him, he was going mad and he didn't want this world anymore, for now it became empty and much darker then the night itself, Dominick was the only light he had beheld in his loneliness. So he just lay there in complete silence under the deem moonlight, breathing hard and steel shacking strongly, pressing close to his beloved and praying so that the sun would come soon.

After several hours he suddenly remembered about the paper in Dominick's hand. He gently withdrew it from his fist and saw that it was a note!

Cyrus screamed when a shocking wave of burning heat rushed through his immortal body... It was dawn...

"Dominick's note"
Nothing lasts forever,
But my love for you.

I desperately pray to the Heavens
I wished I could stay with you...
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Oh man...

I absolutely love this story. And that ending honestly got to me. Both it and the artwork are amazing.

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oh jhodertremendo...ME ENCANTA

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MiserywreckHobbyist Digital Artist

Its so beautiful, just all of it is so beautiful...

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RedValentinosHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Might be old, but it's a beautiful work!!Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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I found this picture years ago maybe even like 2007 or somewhere there. And I never knew who made it! 
It has inspired me so much. I absolutely LOVE it. The lighting and colors are beautiful.
I've kept a copy of this in all of my four computers that I've had since.
I need a Full Poster of this to put on my wall at home! 

Great love from a fan! <333
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Natsuki-3Professional Digital Artist
Oh my, I had no idea my work had been so loved! Thank you for your kind words, dear! T___T
It means so much to me... It seams all those weeks I spent drawing this picture were not in vain ^___^
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It definitely wasn’t wasted time! I love it. <3

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JohnlockedDancerHobbyist General Artist
Great job!
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maebara-shizukoHobbyist General Artist
The story made me cry~! You're a great writer and artist! You just earned yourself a new watcher! :3
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Natsuki-3Professional Digital Artist
Thank you, dear! I'm glad you find my work interesting ^__^
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BAKAFOOLSStudent General Artist
I love the story and picture however I did notice a couple of spelling errors. Other than that its a great piece. 
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SmallandsilentHobbyist Artist
Looks soooooo beautiful but vampire and human sounds a bit like angel and demon like the story I am writting. Mind if I kinda describe that thingy in my book for angel and demon then?
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xandraclayHobbyist Artisan Crafter
The artwork is beautiful AND I enjoyed the story that goes with it too!
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youngartist969Student General Artist
Beautiful, but very sad
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EJBanimefangirlHobbyist General Artist
Love the setting and lighting!!! Seamless,smooth, and perfect!
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PreyoteProfessional Digital Artist
Aww....what a sad story
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xXCrowFeatherXxHobbyist Traditional Artist
OK, I'm stupid... Sorry xD
xXCrowFeatherXx's avatar
xXCrowFeatherXxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my Ö-Ö

What Story ? Did I miss anything ?
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Hi! Do you sell a digital version of this beautiful image?
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InstilledPhearHobbyist General Artist
This drawing, and the story that goes with it, rip my heart out in the most mercilessly beautiful of ways.
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JonescalypsoHobbyist Digital Artist
The scenery is absolutely incredible! :D 
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florajessicaProfessional Digital Artist
An absolutely beautiful story. Very well written, and the artwork is just as wonderful. Great job =D
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ElechickHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, I am at a loss for words. Not only did this stunning piece of artwork captivate me, but the tale that goes with it conjured a whirlwind of emotions in my heart. Thank you for sharing this amazing story! *takes deep breaths, trying to recover* XD
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