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Ryu used Flamethrower

Don't use, steal, copy, trace, use as base, for RP, as icon etc. YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

It's super effective!
Daaamn it was ages when I draw him last time as charizard o_o'

Charizard (c) Pokemon/Nintendo
Ryu and art (c) :iconnatsuakai:
Mega Ryu X by NatsuakaiRyu by NatsuakaiHello Ladies by Natsuakai
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Very awesome!!!
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*gets burned* Ahhhh!
*coughs and falls backwards*
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really cool pose
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Ryu!!!!!! It has been SUCH a long time since you have last drawn that epic Charizard! It is so good to see him again! I absolutely love the pose you drew him in! ^ _ ^
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Yeah!!! So bad ass!! I love the pose of charizard breathing flames of destruction out ^^ the highlights are effective around the skin, where the flames illumination is shown, simply epic work!! >v<
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Lol, "super effective"? What's he fighting?
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Very nice. Are you doing any requests?
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thats awesome...charizard is my favorite pokemon
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This is a really great :D (Big Grin)  I love the pose Clap 
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He looks lovely, and the sheen on his skin is just great ^^
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You're welcome! Does this Charizard mega evolve? ^^
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Yup, into mega x ouo
Riamorr-Welenth's avatar
Awesome ouo but he doesn't have the mega stone o.o
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Maybe he have it under bandana (no, I totally didn't forget about it, not at all x'D)
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Maybe he has o.o (nope, he has someone give it to him, when he needs to evolve, they run out like a butler and give it to him on a silver plate)
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Woooo, this seems very legit xD
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