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Year ago on this day, around this hour, huge part of my heart stopped and my world fell apart.
I had to say goodbye to Scott.
It took me full year to find strenght to finish this piece. Also to learn how to live without a fuzzy dork by my side.
Thank you, boy. For all memories.
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Rest in Peace Scott

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Sorry for your loss.

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Giving you a hug.

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mans best friend is not just a pet but another part of the family.

i'm so sorry

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Scott was a good boy. He knew how much you loved and cared for him. My sincerest condolences to you. Pets of all sorts become family members, and the loss of them truly is heartbreaking. I’m so sorry for your loss. This piece is truly beautiful and is a wonderful tribute to Scott!

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I am sooo sorry for your loss.

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Sorry about your dog

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Such a beautiful piece ;; my condolences.

I send my condolences.

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My condolences. :(

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I'm so sorry, man.

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