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Detective Pikachu: Charizard

Don't use, steal, copy, trace, use as base, for RP, as icon etc.

A bit late but still happy Pokemon Day!:pokeball:

Charizard © Nintendo/Pokemon/Legendary
Art © :iconnatsuakai:
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This is absolutely stunning
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Looks better here than in Live-action!!! seriously; What the hfil is with this movie being in the Uncanny Valley?!!!
the Pokemon designs in the movie should have been in a Monsterverse style at least!, in DP they look like living stuffed toys at best (Emolga's head being too big) or taxidermy at worst.
LarioLario54321's avatar
Honestly; I think they should've been in STYLIZED CGI, instead of Photo-realistic. . .
phantomflower08's avatar
Charizard looks mean in this movie! I love it!
DragonKingDCL's avatar
I love that style for Charizard.
Arthas972's avatar
I’ve been wondering: what ever became of Charizard?  He disappeared after the parade went up in flames and we never actually met him.
xxHusky234xx's avatar
Whoa! This is impressive, Nat! Love the glowing eyes and the scale pattern. An overall awesome Pokemon!

Keep up the good work!
Shaprite91's avatar
Amazing! I think I like better than the movie model. Its look like they made his belly look flabby. xD
zagiir's avatar
Seeing him in your style <333
FonFonovska's avatar
ParkourDragon's avatar
That's some fine work Nat! Definitely on taking over the Hype train aye? XD
Kruczka's avatar
Hm, to w sumie zabawne-na podstawie kreskówki powstał filmowy charizard i filmowego charizarda przerobiłaś na kreskówkę. Super to wyszło! Widać, że zadbałaś o szczegóły.

W dzieciństwie nieraz się zastanawiałam, jak wyglądałaby filmowa wersja pokemonów, więc teraz po latach się okaże :D Film co prawda klimatem odbiega od bajkowych pokemonów, ale i tak myślę, że będzie super! Bardzo podoba mi się charizard w filmie.
Natsuakai's avatar
Oh zrobiło takie kółko, że aż mnie łeb zabolał x'D Ale dziękuję dziękuję!

Noooo, ja tak samo, ba ile razy za dzieciaka się liczyło że może kiedyś jakiś film wyjdzie i o, proszę! Nostalgia mocno :D
Kruczka's avatar
Długo to trwało, ale cierpliwość popłaca, haha :D 
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Chief-Scarneck's avatar
Scary, but would still hug!! I love it! Very well done!
savrin330's avatar
I really love how realistic and badass Charizard looks in this style! The scales look awesdome. I love the expression and the glowy eyes! I love the tail flame too! c:
All the cool details are awesome! The movie is promising but we shall see what happens.
PheonixStarman's avatar
Damn! It's a real! XD I absolute love it! 
HewyToonmore's avatar
I honestly love the movie's take on Charizard. I don't know why people are complaining about it, I think it looks bad ass!
LordOfDragons's avatar
To be honest the movie version looks really bad and out-of-place. It looks like one of those old real-life movies with crappy rubber-suits (not Gojira, that's a way different league altogether). This version here is way better.
WolfSpiritClan's avatar
Cool, I saw the trailer to that film and love the detail of the scales on Charizard, I really want to see that movie.
Yeah, all they really did was take the initial design and slap on some wing fingers, extra teeth, and defined crocodilian skin. 
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