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Coffee Girl

By Natsu19
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This is something I drew to be used as my BlackberryMessenger display. I wanted something original =)

Feel free to use it as it is without changing anything.
The text says: Dear Coffee, I love you :love:
This is Arabic with English letters and numbers, my friend calls it Arabeezi & 3ngleezi :lol:

Which do you prefer, coffee or tea?

Yup I can see the mistakes too. Haven't drawn for a long time ^^;
Pain Tool Sai (my trial version has ended) :'(
Phoroshop CS4
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© 2011 - 2021 Natsu19
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asslam Alikum
oh Natsu !! it's been long time my friend :glomp:
tea or coffee ? nothing XD
the art is so cute !! masha'a Allah
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و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته =)
yes it's been a looong time. I hardly draw these days :(
I'm so glad you liked it <3
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Question about coffee: You're from the Middle East, right? I've heard that coffee was first made in the Middle East. Is this true?
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Yes I'm from the Middle East :)
Sorry no idea where coffee was first made ^^'
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Well, thanks for trying to answer my question. :)
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Hmm... You don't go on dA to often, do you?
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Uh huh...

You know, you seem like a nice person. Please take a look at my profile. You might find some of my journals that you may like. Remember to post a comment.
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Aww!>W<:icongodotohsnapplz: Ahh that coffee has ben spiked.D8
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haha glad you like it ^^
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:] I don't like coffee
but nice
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aww this is soo cute !!

I go for hot chocolate XD
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thank you <3333
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aww..:XD: Soooo Cuuuuuuuuute :love:
U make me adore the coffe too :heart:
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Thank you sweetie :glomp:
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coffee loves you too XD
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I don't like coffee nor tea... Q.Q
I like milk!
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