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That's it! :D

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 11, 2018, 7:30 AM
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I just realised I have now turned 12 years old.... on Deviantart! :lol: It is amazing what has happened since the humble beginning, the wonderful people here who have become a part of my life. And the challenges that come with being an Artist in general.

I decided to write a new journal, seeing as the previous was about cheap arts...that no one really commissioned me! I don't blame you, all this time I have been under a rock (a sparkly one though so not all bad!), so my talents might be questionable in some degree...  To be completely honest, it's more about WHAT has triggered me not to upload on dA and I think now, seeing I am 12 years old on here (lol) I have grown up and decided to be honest and truthful to those who follow my arts and general direction... It wouldn't be or feel right if I didn't at least tell you the reasons for my absence and sorta abandoning my dA account.

:star: Many years ago, I started noticing a vast change in dA, not to mention the fact it has swapped hands and has lost the community feel from 2005 when I first joined. At first, I was very protective over my art, snarling and making a big deal from losers who would troll the depths for tasty art works to pass off as their own... some did fake accounts, some escalated it and took over a persona which they where trying to steal my identity in some way, well... they didn't do it very well haha, fail to the max with "trying" to pretend it was me, certain shit like... dude, I'm not American! :lol: Changing certain key factors like that was red flags to anyone who knows me for the REAL me, even the way I type... how I express myself, I started taking the troll thing really personal, as some kind of cyber attack. But in the end, the real NatSilva shits on all of you fakers and that's the truth. I got so huffy at one point that I ditched going online for several weeks, cause I just felt....Ugh I'm gona come back and find notes and messages about "this person is stealing your art" or "they are selling your art". Ok, wait, back up for a sec there.

:star: Trolls are one thing, they are annoying ants in my ass, hovering flies that won't buzz off, desperate fools with nothng better to do than reek all over so they can feel better about themselves, you get the idea... they are just waste of time... BUT then there's the theft, to all honesty, to all those young ones out there... WHY ARE YOU STEALING IN THE FIRST PLACE? And didn't your parents teach you a single thing about respect? Just because you are on the Internet, doesn't give you the right to be a dick and steal others stuff. Pretend like you did it and keep that game going? For what?? Young people these days piss me off :/ no grammar, abbreviation of every second word, trying to adapt emojis and stupid shit that will some how make them believe they are an intellectual being to even think about having a conversation with?

:star: Theft, the one thing that urks me out... it's happened to the circle of fan artists I call my family, amongst them we have all been there, shared our deepest and darkest secrets with each other cause that's what good friends and family does, right? Without being judged or for one second think they would have bad advice if you ever needed good advice, does that make sense? C: So, here it is... the reason why I personally don't post anymore (or very sceptical about it), is partly due to theft.

:star: I have seen people use my art for tattoo's, without FIRST asking. And just because I DON'T reply when you want me to, doesn't give you the right to go ahead with it! That's where the respect thing comes in... yeah you see? :L
I had this guy note me, oh I don't know months ago, maybe even last year... he said he loved my art work and had it (a pic of Mario and Peach being all cute together or some thing) on his arm/leg whatever... At first I was reading his sad story about the reason why he got it... his mum past or some thing and he saw that pic as some thing he wanted to remember his mum by... again, this is a vague story about one incident..... Then I decided to overlook that, because I felt kinda bad for them. It still gave them the chance to ask first, before they went and did it... Getting an image FREE from the original artist who drew it, coloured it etc, then taking it with no commission for them and giving it to a tattoo artist who would then get all the praise and money for some thing THEY DIDN"T DO I THE FIRST PLACE! THAT shit overrides anyone's mum/dad, dog, pet fish...I don;t care what, dying. Sorry! NOT sorry, MY ART, I made it, why should others get the glory and thanks when you decide to steal it or take it without even a consideration to what the original artist will think or do about your stupid arrogant selfish move? :L

:star: These reasons are hard to say, but now I am stronger and older, I can truly tell you to fuck off! :D Do the wrong thing and you will burn inside, I won't care and others will see how much of a dick you are from doing this.... SO, in future I will NOT be uploading any more art work here on deviantart, if you want art, you're gonna have to pay for it! None of this free shit, points piddle. I eat, pay bills and need toilet paper to wipe my ass with! I mean, I need materials to draw with, *cough*.. So if you don't get how thw world works, go live on the street for a week and then come back and tell me how it went. It's a hard orld out there, I'm sick of always giving out to people and then getting dumped on. I will still have my arts here, I wll disable comments (cause to be honest), I can't deal with the short comments, with "That's cute" and "aww".... I want  REAL comments, from the heart! I take time to go through others arts and tell them what I feel, what it shows me, deep shit... and I CBF with stupid comments that have no heart.

Yes, I am a little bit of a sour puss atm, and it's only due to just stupdid uneducated people who come here and treat it like facebook or their own personal page, where they take others work and put it in their pages. If you want to be part of the art community, learn how to have online etiquette (manners ) first. Then you can understand why so many good artists have just had enough and are opting to go take control with their own sites. dA has gone downhill due to there not being a sense of control, so in order to play the game and survive, you must either chose to follow like a sheep and go about your business thinking you are in control but really aren't, OR lead by example. Be different, do different, be outspoken, open minded and respect originality and others things. Learn from those who have bee there, so you can pass on the knowledge later on.

I will be around again to update on a few things.... I am in the prosees of creating and putting my own website, I will have arts, photography and fashion junk in there! :D Anything from crafts and every day randoms to commissions and paid work. I won't be ditching dA, but there are some very strong changes I will have to enforce with my gallery and arts on here. Hopefully my rants haven't scared you off haha! But it be a good note that I am well, focused and determined and will still be who I am regardless of what happens! ^__^

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Oh, where do I start?!

Well, I guess it'd be rude of me to NOT say a big THANK YOU to the dearest Anonymous person who has donated a year Core membership to me! :love: I got the email notification maybe a week or so ago... and y'know what? It really made me question my very long hiatus from art and being on here...

I would just like to thank that person whom I will never know who... just, wow, thank you! <3 :hug:

I would also like to thank everyone for the Christmas and Birthday wishes :highfive: Thanks guys! I hope you all had a great Christmas, New Years and everything in between that too.

Just a short journal for now, I am on holidays from work (which feels weird but is deeply needed). I am not active on here at all, but since I have a years sub now... maybe that will have to change. I need to stop ignoring the fact I am an Artist and get back to doing what I do. It's been very busy in my life, lots of good things  and lots of not so good things... but mostly good! ^_^ I am making brand new friends and learning how to be and do more of what I like in terms of being social with a few groups of interests I am in to, trying out new hobbies and doing other life things.

I have so much to catch up with here!! O___o; I had like 5 notes and butt tons of messages I have to read through, but if curious about art related stuff then I can say I haven't planned, drawn or even thought of anything. I can understand if people are slightly disappointed in me, but I can only deal with things as they come. I have had a ot of stressful times, but I am here now and I hope to be more active.

Again, thank you for all your on going support, watches, comments and faves. :D

At the moment I am NOT taking commissions. But I will update my commissions journal when I feel I can come back and deliver some good art. :nod: Please note that I do not do requests, some of you have asked this on previous notes and if you are new to my page please understand that I cannot do free art any more.

I will be drawing up line arts and sketches, basic coloures (not full on comics and or pieces) for a while to kick start my year!

:bulletred: I will not draw OC's, Hentai/porn/Furries or any explicit stuff.
:bulletgreen: I will draw fan art characters such as Marioverse, or any other familiar platform. This includes some Marvel/DC stuff too, as I feel I could use the anatomy practice within more "human" characters. :)

1) Full body sketch/line art- ONE character (no colour) = $15 AUD
2) Full body sketch/line art- ONE character (basic colour & shading) = $20 AUD
3) Half body (head and torso) sketch/line art - ONE character (no colour) = $8 AUD
4) Half body (head and torso) sketch/line art - ONE character (basic colour & shading) = $10 AUD

All payments in AUD (Australian Dollars). I accept PayPal. No points for artwork.


Please note me on what you would like and we can exchange payment details.

I hope all your New Year's dreams come true! I hope to make up for the lost time with a bit of experience before I get back in to doing my usual comics and such~
Tanks for reading! :>
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So, I've decided on a few things, because of reasons... :B

Since summer is around the corner here in Australia, I am soooo looking forward to some serious motivation, quite frankly... I need a good slap in the face when it comes to being more active with my art works here! ;__; So yeah~ I will TRY and get WIGU pages rolling again, ( I has the paper for it - that's for sure!).

On a more, social side. I finally got more of Nekochii's clothing range sent! <3 If oyu all don't know yet, I am helping to promote their skater dresses and apparel in general. I got some cute as stuff today! :D And seriously can't freakin' wait for good calm weather to go out and take snaps of the co-ords I will be putting together. This is the part where you all go...

" Ahh, but wait, I thought you were/are a tomboy Gamer/Artist!" :iconwthplz:

My my, how your little minds have been wrong >:] All part of my plan, Mwahaha-haa... Wait, lol in real life I try and be as "normal" as yer every day person... But, I don't quite fit in when it comes to liking other stuff that others find, weird? :b
Anyway, care factor! :D I am who I am, I know who I am and honestly, I am fucking loving the good things the Universe has given me! ^_^ That comes down to the people I have met through out these months/years, things I have been graciously offered, given, taught and also the friends I have made from it! I am blessed. I have actually been invited to attend a local Meet Up, the Lolita Community here is lovely and are hosting a Decora meet in the next couple of months, so freakin' pumped for that! I mainly mix up Video Game/ Anime related fashion with every day gear, I am mostly a Fairy Kei type, which is like Lolita in a few ways, but it's mostly draggin in the 80's and 90's style of clothes and accessories.

I never thought (back when I was younger) why I was fascinated by shit like rainbows, unicorns, glitter (definitely glitter), bright in your face colours, shiny things and cat ears, etc... I collected them from the smallest lollipop earring, to the (now has become a hoarding problem lol), wigs and petty coats (tutu's). Some might think it's crazy, not used to me wearing or seeing me in such a blast of....stuff! XD But I keep thinking about the first time I mashed some thing together, some one close to me said and I quote...

"You look like a rainbow threw up on you!" :lmao:

I will forever remember that, even though it might sound harsh, I thought and still think it's the BEST compliment I have EVER gotten! :D So, that keeps me bouncing of walls in a way. :>

My lack of communication and activity on here doesn't mean I am ditching this account, why would I when it's been 12 years since I have had the same account! :lol: I feel old.... XD

Expect some more arts from me, some more fashion co-ords and just overall more communication. I've been slack :L

OK! I well finish typing now... cause I could be here forever! I am also on Miitomo for anyone wanting to come have some random fun! ;D As well as Twitter I mainly rant and dump random stuff in there if you're keen on sneak peaks of things.

OHHHH! I just remembered! I am gona be doing a makeup and cosplay thing for Halloween, I wasn't sure what I'd do this year for it. But it turns out Jigsaw (that weird creepy puppet doll thing from the SAW movies) won the poll! I can't wait to do that, hahaha! So keep your eyes on that sh*t! >:] I will pop by here before Halloween anyway but if I don't get to, I hope you all enjoy your trick-or-treating and having fun! :dance:
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Gosh, when was my last journal.... like, 2 months ago. :O

Ok so, where do I start?! :D

:bulletpink: For the past few months I have been busy with general life stuff, including work so I haven't had time to pop in to dA even though I do come on here and read messages from time to time.

:bulletpink: #AVCon (Anime and Video Game Convention) here in Adelaide, South Australia was kinda like a mini holiday for me, well... I still had things to do while there, BUT I had a great time and met with some fabulous people, made new friends and even snagged a little praise here and there for the efforts I put in to my co ord style I wore for the weekend! C: I was so stoaked when walking around the exhibitors hall and approached by the owners of #Nekochii-art they loved the stuff I was wearing! :D So they gave me one of their kawaii af dresses to model in exchange for promoting their clothing! :excited: I will be doing some photography with it no doubt! At the moment here it's winter... and it may be best to hold of and plan such a photoshoot when and once the weather starts getting a little more predicable and nicer. Heh, just very humbled and honoured really~ and I do have some photo's of the weekend to share with you all, once I get around to doing that! :>

:bulletpink: Art work, yes yes YES... I know it's been forever since I posted some thing! I actually feel very motivated (probably due to AVCon) to draw again. But I need to finish off a few things which I kinda half arsed did... haha. WIGU and other stuff will have to be for later, but to be honest I could use some inspiration and if you are wanting a commission you can check out my Commissions journal for more information, or just send me a note. Collabs will be opened soon but don't hold your breathe as to actually getting one, at this point I don't want to push myself too much and just take things slow.

:bulletpink: I would love to hear your feed back on my co ords and fashion stuff. I am mainly planing to do them more towards spring time here, when all the pretty flowers,pollen and allergy symptoms push me to being more outdoors! :P I will be trying to put together a few pieces (mostly video game oriented and themed). I also have these fab #splatooninkling squid tentacles that my good friend HamSamwich made for me! I was going to do that for AVCon but I ran out of time to make the tank (and that's a challenge on it's own) plus it's winter.... :m who on earth wears short shorts and tshirts in 8 degree weather! >_>; Oh, some do! :lol: But yeah that's more geared towards summer time and I will have more time to figure out how I'm gona build this tank!

I think that's it for this update, don't wanna put too much on my plate before knowing I can eat it all! ;)
If you are interested you can check out My Twitter page for more WIP's and snaps of what I am doing...
Well, first of.... Hope you all had a great New Year's and a good Easter too! C: I haven't been on here much, if at all for various reasons (and some know why). But, it has come to my attention that there is a faker amongst us and before you start abusing and sending hate messgaes etc, hear me out.

This makes me feel proud, happy and loved, why? Because it shows how many fellow artists, friends and a good community is behind some one who is real, genuine and respected. It's the way you go about your journey that will make an impact on others, if you are trying to steal art or some one else's identity or user name, then fucking TRY to do it right! lol! If not done right, you end up looking like the biggest arse fart in the world.... so don't, move on and go live your life, fill it with productive things instead of wasting your time.

:iconnatsiiva: NatSiIva

Now, before going to their try hard fake account, please try and understand that these people are loners, losers with no clue, hopeless pathetic annoying wastes of time.... it's not really their fault they are like this, trying to seek attention and on the hunt for other victims...

They will read this if they are clever enough, so let me tell you something. If you are going to steal from some one who's got the years, reputation, loyal friends, great community, unique style and sense of humour (personal level- like how I word stuff), then PLEASE....IF YOU'RE GOING TO STEAL, DO IT PROPERLY! Because there are ways of finding out who you are, where you are from (*cough....United States*.... I am from Australia you retard! :b ) and the fact that you are not the first person who's tried to copy or fake my account, but guess whT? You can join them in their pitiful circle of try hards.

The images have been reported, so maybe when you log in next time (that's if you CAN), you'll probably have a hissy fit and go round commenting on my art, others comments, trying to make my name look bad, well good luck to you, cause your loser personality shows all of us who you really are. And for all this, I kinda thank you, yep! I thank you for trying to fake my account and steal my art. It makes me feel so happy and proud knowing I have such dedicated fans out there (including you) who always have my back! ^__^ Now, it's time to go be yourself, or atleast try and find out who you are on your own, instead of trying to be some one you're not.
But, I don't really come on here much. Those who know what I am up to will know that and I can tell you all right now, I don't have plans to do anything on here for a while. I am just not feeling up for art at the moment. Please stop asking, "How are you?" and so forth. I wont be able to reply for a while or maybe not at all due to not coming on here.

Close friends of mine will know what it's about, I wont go in to personal chit chat about it because I prefer to try and focus on what I need to do rather than go in to a life story mode. =P

I am fine, thank you for asking though. :nod:


I will probably art dump a few things here and there, but nothing too grand. I understand lots are asking, waiting for WIGU and other things... but please, don't hold your breathe. Let me have some time away to gather my thoughts and rekindle my love for fan art. Having fellow artsy friends coming over from time to time does help quite a lot, as we can motivate each other and have fun too, right Minnie? :eyes:

~ Short and sweet little update, I am more active on Miitomo than anything else! :iconteheplz:
After much consideration (and the fact I hardly ever come on dA like I used to) I have decided to just move on... I am not deactivating my account, I am simply going on hiatus for, well ....I don't really know :B
There is a lot going on in my life at the moment, good positive things and they need my full attention. I might not draw like I used to or be active here and yes, I have a ton of arts to finish...but eh, I have noticed that the crowd isn't like it used to be. Thus, dA isn't like it used to be. So, I hope you guys understand. I'll still pop in from time to time, but I can't promise you will see anything from me for a long time.

Merry Christmas and a safe New Years to you all! :D

A little ray of sunshine

Tue Sep 20, 2016, 11:22 PM

Hey guys, I am doing points commissions ONLY for sketch works and line art. So pop by to my page and read the points widget I have done up for more info. It's pretty much basic one character pieces (sketches and line art) for 1,000 points. Please note me if you are interested.

"Why points commissions Nat? I thought you didn't take them...ever..." Ahh.. yes even though I do not really accept points for art, I have decided to take on points commish's cause I'd like to keep my page pretty. :meow: So if you like my work, don't have can still grab some art with points!

I also do paypal commissions, they are still available and for the full terms and conditions and also examples please check out my comissions journal:

**Commissions** **EDIT** Just a quickie on a very important heads up as to what I do and don't accept when it comes to commission requests:
:bulletgreen: OC's, original concepts, mini comics, mecha, futuristic scenes, animals, mythical creatures, "realistic" items including transportation eg: trains, cars, planes etc.. Please note me on others I may have missed.
:bulletred: I will not draw Hentai (anime porn), porn in general, sexual scenes, furries, bestiality (animals with humans making out), gay and lesbian images, racist or sexist images.
** Please note on the above**--- I can do mature content, comical suggestive comics and art BUT without conflicting with the above terms and conditions.
Please read the following- if you want a commission....
*EDIT:  some of you have asked a few questions about extra characters and points for commissions, to make it all clear and so I don't have to repeat myself and waste both our times here are the FAQ's

:star: For you local Aussie watchers, you might be interested in Neko Nation coming to Sydney, Perth and Brisbane! I went to the Adelaide one recently and as most of you have seen, I had fun! Make sure to check out my recent Neko Naon Adelaide dA group: :iconnekonationadelaide: and if you are a local, don't be shy and come join in! ^_^

Ok, so.. with so much happening (events, pendng arts and crafts etc..) I have not forgotten about those of you who have already paid for your arts. I will be uploading a whole pile of goodies as soon as I can! :]

Not long now until Adelaide's very own, Anime and Video Games Convention hits our Southern state,'s the only place where it's hosted...because we are selfish and want it all for ourselves! Mwahaha!

If you are a local, we will be around AVCon's fun filled days, hopefully from start to finish. This year's special guests are the whole crew from Good Game TV on ABC 3, a video game show by gamers for gamers! What an honour! :D

The 3 day event starts Friday, 15th July and goes through until Sunday 17th July. There will be lots to do and see this year and I will have my hands full with some very special projects I am working on during the event and after the event! Expect more soon! I can't wait, expect photo's, teasers and video's of AVCon and a little bit of Adelaide on the side. :)
I have been on and off dA for a while now, but not producing anything worth while in art...But that is what happens when you grow up, have responsibilities and not to mention dealing with personal things. I am not scared of admiring that going through anxiety and depression is very hard. Which is why I have had enough of being in that and it's about tiem I come out and do some thing about it! :nod:

:star: = PROJECTS= It's winter here in Australia, for many it can be a good time to catch up on art work, since you're cooped up indoors for like what, 5 months lol.. I personally hate winter... it's horrible, cold and miserable :b BUT I have been doing some soul searching and have decided instead of seeing things in the negative side, I will and have promised myself to look on the bright side and try my very best to do some thing positive through out winter to keep me sane, things like playing video games again and rekindling that as well as other different projects. I have been meaning to do some crafts work and since I sell at local markets I think it would be a good idea to kick start some of my projects now so I can have a few items for sale and look forward to warmer weather too.

:bulletpink: =CRAFTS= I have headbands to finish, I am making unicorn woollen head gear as well as polymer clay stuff. And I have to make the lip gloss I was planning to do. I am also keen on more Splatoon plushies (since they were popular at a recent art market). I'm not a big crafty person but we'll see what inspires me at the time.

:star:  =ART= This includes finishing my pending git arts, random pieces and comics. I also have commissions that I am thinking of opening up again which will keep me on my toes as well and bring in some much needed money in and that helps out too y'know as materials are expensive.

:bulletpink: =COMMISSIONS= YES! :excited: I will edit my commissions because I would like to get more practice in art and there for your commissions are indeed appreciated, they teach me how to do things outside my comfort zone and also helps me emotionally. You can expect a new commissions journal soon, packed with lots of cheap prices and deals.

:star: =FUN TIMES= Up coming ACon 2016 will be a great way to gain more confidence and be inspired by the hoard of Anime and Video Game related awesome! :D This year ABC TV's Good Game crew will be there. They are Aussie Gamers who have a TV show here and to some are pretty big stuff! Hex went last year and I was able to say hello, get a hug and photo from her so maybe this year I can bring you some more exclusives as I am hopefully going to be part of the media team again. This time I have plans to get more involved with the AVCon community and capture as much of the hard work and amazing people that go in to brining us this great event. You can follow me on twitter for art dumps, up coming event info and much more at: NatSilva On Twitter. I will also try and come up with decent videos and tutorials as I have been asked about them during the past few years... Ahh and don't forget the amount of video game play I MUST catch up on! D: After seeing E3 about Zelda, my head spun around 360 degrees and I am very pumped about that as I have been waiting for some thing like this for f***ing EVER!! The last game that gave me a decent hard on was Ocarina Of Time, so I have waited long enough for a miracle!

Anyway, that's about it for now... I don't want to excite myself with other things in anticipation so I will do things slowly instead of piling too much on my plate. :)

Thanks for all your support, watching, faves, comments and on going friendship. I still have a butt load of messages to reply to and read but I'll get there and I really appreciate and thank you for your patience and understanding, you guys are awesome! :highfive:
Tis the season to be jolly! :santa: have decided to round up some of this years best art work that I have stumbled on. These amazing people could use the spot light, they are both creative and incredibly gifted within their own terms. And I wish them the best in their future en devour on perusing their dreams and achieving their goals. You guys and gals have inspired me through out the many years...So here is a little feature journal, just for you! :hug:

 Pauline by LemiaCrescentChibi Din by SilentJ75.:imagine creative title:. by JACKSPICERCHASE10years by Jim Svanberg by jimsvanbergPrincesse Harmonie by Kokorokeke   Welcome To My 3D World by TheBourgyman  MARIOandLUIGI SuperSAGA2 by Arashi-H Yoshi's paradise by Irete Shiny Shaymin by RougeSulfuraAvatar - I See You by TsaoShin Windwaker by BobsmadeLet's get out of here!!! by Rey-HANA Inspiration by DestinyBlue Sounds of autumn by NM-art   Mega Kitty by EstefanoidaMario's Rainbow by mmkayart Goddess Zelda by SigurdHosenfeld  While Sailing Through the Thoughs if my Imaginatio by RamonBruin The slow house trailer by digitalessandra Year of Luigi by PaperLillie .:Onion:. by Red-head-girl Princess of Hearts by jollyrose
General Store by GabrielEvans Pounding steamed rice by Arashi-H Happy Valentine's Day Mario by kiraDaidohji SMB Short Comic - Koopa Express by JamesmanTheRegenold Classic by FoxeafBee Mario by ChibChooThe Gentlemanly Escort Cube by Risachantag .:So I wait:. by IgotTheMagicHands Dreaming of the Womb + by gloom-ghoul Missing Out on 12/21 by kjsteroids Silver Fang by RibbedebieCard Captors: Spring time by kiki34 Yoshi's Island by Irete 25 years Legend of Zelda by Miyukiko Daisy by Arashi-Hocean Mew by Pand-ASSWALL-E: Love Scribbles by saiiko Super Mario Bracelet by LilysEmporium Happy evening : 215 by emperpepMy Neighbor Bowser by SuperCaterina
Mario Paint by SuperEriXA Link Between Super Mario's 3D Worlds by HeroLinkTriforceSuper Mario 3D World by sseddie13
I WANT TO BE THE HERO!!! by Rey-HANARosalina- Airbrush only by YoshiMan1118Test On SAI .:Mr.L:. by MiaponGiftart: You're my Sunshine by Bowser2Queen
 Let's get out of here!!! by Rey-HANA I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way. by yayacosplay link,zelda3 by muse-kr Greenhouse by meago Chibi TR by Chamel413
Euiko Kitty Chibi Bundle by SinzIMVUTiny Toothless by TsaoShinLegend of Zelda + Mario Dress by jalehFairy Kei by DeixisDamesZelda Cosplay: I need you by Yesta-sensei
Nailin Mario by CandyRobotNintendo DS Lite cake by tanmeiAsuka by NikitaCosplayHello Kitty Obentou2 by loveewa Zelda Plush by PrincessRosalina666Wire Wrapped Henna Slave Bracelet *SOLD* by RachaelsWireGarden Where's Daisy by KawaiiGir2 Bullet Bill Partner by LouiviTHE FROG by Angle-007 World 4-3 picnic day by TheBourgyman Mario: Dance, my little bee by saiiko NatzYoshi- Happy BDay NatSilva by YoshiMan1118

Aussie-Nintendo Adelaide Meetup Whiteboard by Badooleoo Zelda Cosplay: I need you by Yesta-sensei Mario 64 by stevietatYoung Links sketch by BlueLink cosplay lara croft by illyne Cupid Kitten - Ballpoint Pen - St Valentine's Day by VianaArtsTouch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy by Pu3ppchenCosmic Break - Pepo Pucci by KiraHokuten Rosalina the Cat by Scribblehatch

Have a wonderful Christmas, and a safe and awesome New Years! :iconcheerplz:
**EDIT** Just a quickie on a very important heads up as to what I do and don't accept when it comes to commission requests:

:bulletgreen: OC's, original concepts, mini comics, mecha, futuristic scenes, animals, mythical creatures, "realistic" items including transportation eg: trains, cars, planes etc.. Please note me on others I may have missed.

:bulletred: I will not draw Hentai (anime porn), porn in general, sexual scenes, furries, bestiality (animals with humans making out), gay and lesbian images, racist or sexist images.

** Please note on the above**--- I can do mature content, comical suggestive comics and art BUT without conflicting with the above terms and conditions.

Please read the following- if you want a commission....

*EDIT:  some of you have asked a few questions about extra characters and points for commissions, to make it all clear and so I don't have to repeat myself and waste both our times here are the FAQ's:

  • I charge for the whole image not per character. If you note me with your description I can then quote you on how much your commission will be. Obviously the more there is on the image the more it will cost or vary within price. But I don't charge per additional character.

  • I WILL NOT DRAW HENTAI, SEXUAL SCENES, LESBIAN/GAY OR PORN- This includes bestiality (human and animals of any kind). Adult comical pics are Ok to a point. Just because I have mature content in my gallery DOESN'T mean I will draw that for you. Please keep in mind I can reject your commissions.

The following examples are:

:bulletblack:  LINE ART
Super Mario-Racoon-COLOUR ME by NatSilva

Basic Lin art: $5.00 AUD (was $10)
You can use them as you wish, colour them etc. But if you post them online it would be appreciated if you gave credit of the original artist. This takes approx 20 minutes.

:bulletblue: HALF HALF
Yoshi by NatSilva Appley ever after :3 by NatSilva

Half coloured portrait with no background- $10 AUD (was $20)
Simple and straight forward piece with no background. Time expected depends on what it's complexity is but usually 4+ hours.
:star:You can chose if you would like a white background or alpha transparent background with your commission.

B-K: Gettin Jiggy with it. by NatSilva Super Mario All Stars by NatSilva Entering the Forest Temple by NatSilva

Full traditional Coloured portraits and landscapes with traditionally coloured background- $20 AUD (was $30)
These take a while to do mostly 6+ hours so patience is appreciated.

:bulletpurple: MIXED MEDIA
Mario: Star Struck by NatSilva Commission- Dynamic Duo by NatSilva LxD: Think I'm going Japanese by NatSilva

Traditional coloured portraits (characters) with mixed media digital backgrounds- $20 AUD (was $30)
These are the same as full traditional portraits but with digital or mixed media backgrounds and can take 8+ hours due to the added time of post digital editing.

Deviantart Points Commissions

I have opened up points commissions, this method only applies to simple sketches and limited to one character per page. If you would like a points commission sketch please send points over using the commissions link: dA Points Commission The same rules apply to the sketches, but for a limited time I will take on points for art as I'd like a core membership for my page.
You can also have a look at my commissions widget on my front page (under my I.D) for more information and examples.

  • All prices are based on a Australian A4 format but A3 format is also available.
  • Additional $1 if you would like your A4/A3 piece laminated (laminating is highly advisable for works that will be posted).
  • A3 pieces vary in price, if you're interested please note me.
  • I can do mostly anything, including OC's all I require is good references to them.
  • I will not do any adult related material such as hentai, gay,lesbian, furries or sex scenes. This also includes bestiality (animals and humans making out)- just no.
  • Prices are an estimate and I will quote you on the final price of your commission after you describe with details on what you'd like me to do.
  • I charge per picture and extra characters are included in the final quoted price.
  • You can chose if you would like a white background or transparent background when I email you your copy. This applies to the HALF HALF option.

Accepted Methods of Payment

  • Direct Deposit (Australian banking only)
  • Australian Post Money Order (Australia only)
  • Cash (Australian legal tender only in person, do not post money).
  • PayPal (sent as 'Friends and family')
  • Deviantart Points (for sketches only) 1,000 points.
With PayPal, please choose "FAMILY AND FRIENDS" when you do your transactions)

  • Some people prefer their commissions scanned and sent to their email address or submitted in to deviantART. I have no issues with either of them.
  • Posting around Australia will be cheaper and easier than over seas posting/shipping. For more information please note me and we can discuss on this matter further.
  • I post with Australia Post, and additional costs apply if you would like your commission sent registered post.
  • I can also locally pick up/drop off and accept cash if you live in Adelaide, South Australia.