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Journal Entry: Mon Jun 11, 2018, 7:30 AM
  • Listening to: Instrumental Video Game Music

I just realised I have now turned 12 years old.... on Deviantart! :lol: It is amazing what has happened since the humble beginning, the wonderful people here who have become a part of my life. And the challenges that come with being an Artist in general.

I decided to write a new journal, seeing as the previous was about cheap arts...that no one really commissioned me! I don't blame you, all this time I have been under a rock (a sparkly one though so not all bad!), so my talents might be questionable in some degree...  To be completely honest, it's more about WHAT has triggered me not to upload on dA and I think now, seeing I am 12 years old on here (lol) I have grown up and decided to be honest and truthful to those who follow my arts and general direction... It wouldn't be or feel right if I didn't at least tell you the reasons for my absence and sorta abandoning my dA account.

:star: Many years ago, I started noticing a vast change in dA, not to mention the fact it has swapped hands and has lost the community feel from 2005 when I first joined. At first, I was very protective over my art, snarling and making a big deal from losers who would troll the depths for tasty art works to pass off as their own... some did fake accounts, some escalated it and took over a persona which they where trying to steal my identity in some way, well... they didn't do it very well haha, fail to the max with "trying" to pretend it was me, certain shit like... dude, I'm not American! :lol: Changing certain key factors like that was red flags to anyone who knows me for the REAL me, even the way I type... how I express myself, I started taking the troll thing really personal, as some kind of cyber attack. But in the end, the real NatSilva shits on all of you fakers and that's the truth. I got so huffy at one point that I ditched going online for several weeks, cause I just felt....Ugh I'm gona come back and find notes and messages about "this person is stealing your art" or "they are selling your art". Ok, wait, back up for a sec there.

:star: Trolls are one thing, they are annoying ants in my ass, hovering flies that won't buzz off, desperate fools with nothng better to do than reek all over so they can feel better about themselves, you get the idea... they are just waste of time... BUT then there's the theft, to all honesty, to all those young ones out there... WHY ARE YOU STEALING IN THE FIRST PLACE? And didn't your parents teach you a single thing about respect? Just because you are on the Internet, doesn't give you the right to be a dick and steal others stuff. Pretend like you did it and keep that game going? For what?? Young people these days piss me off :/ no grammar, abbreviation of every second word, trying to adapt emojis and stupid shit that will some how make them believe they are an intellectual being to even think about having a conversation with?

:star: Theft, the one thing that urks me out... it's happened to the circle of fan artists I call my family, amongst them we have all been there, shared our deepest and darkest secrets with each other cause that's what good friends and family does, right? Without being judged or for one second think they would have bad advice if you ever needed good advice, does that make sense? C: So, here it is... the reason why I personally don't post anymore (or very sceptical about it), is partly due to theft.

:star: I have seen people use my art for tattoo's, without FIRST asking. And just because I DON'T reply when you want me to, doesn't give you the right to go ahead with it! That's where the respect thing comes in... yeah you see? :L
I had this guy note me, oh I don't know months ago, maybe even last year... he said he loved my art work and had it (a pic of Mario and Peach being all cute together or some thing) on his arm/leg whatever... At first I was reading his sad story about the reason why he got it... his mum past or some thing and he saw that pic as some thing he wanted to remember his mum by... again, this is a vague story about one incident..... Then I decided to overlook that, because I felt kinda bad for them. It still gave them the chance to ask first, before they went and did it... Getting an image FREE from the original artist who drew it, coloured it etc, then taking it with no commission for them and giving it to a tattoo artist who would then get all the praise and money for some thing THEY DIDN"T DO I THE FIRST PLACE! THAT shit overrides anyone's mum/dad, dog, pet fish...I don;t care what, dying. Sorry! NOT sorry, MY ART, I made it, why should others get the glory and thanks when you decide to steal it or take it without even a consideration to what the original artist will think or do about your stupid arrogant selfish move? :L

:star: These reasons are hard to say, but now I am stronger and older, I can truly tell you to fuck off! :D Do the wrong thing and you will burn inside, I won't care and others will see how much of a dick you are from doing this.... SO, in future I will NOT be uploading any more art work here on deviantart, if you want art, you're gonna have to pay for it! None of this free shit, points piddle. I eat, pay bills and need toilet paper to wipe my ass with! I mean, I need materials to draw with, *cough*.. So if you don't get how thw world works, go live on the street for a week and then come back and tell me how it went. It's a hard orld out there, I'm sick of always giving out to people and then getting dumped on. I will still have my arts here, I wll disable comments (cause to be honest), I can't deal with the short comments, with "That's cute" and "aww".... I want  REAL comments, from the heart! I take time to go through others arts and tell them what I feel, what it shows me, deep shit... and I CBF with stupid comments that have no heart.

Yes, I am a little bit of a sour puss atm, and it's only due to just stupdid uneducated people who come here and treat it like facebook or their own personal page, where they take others work and put it in their pages. If you want to be part of the art community, learn how to have online etiquette (manners ) first. Then you can understand why so many good artists have just had enough and are opting to go take control with their own sites. dA has gone downhill due to there not being a sense of control, so in order to play the game and survive, you must either chose to follow like a sheep and go about your business thinking you are in control but really aren't, OR lead by example. Be different, do different, be outspoken, open minded and respect originality and others things. Learn from those who have bee there, so you can pass on the knowledge later on.

I will be around again to update on a few things.... I am in the prosees of creating and putting my own website, I will have arts, photography and fashion junk in there! :D Anything from crafts and every day randoms to commissions and paid work. I won't be ditching dA, but there are some very strong changes I will have to enforce with my gallery and arts on here. Hopefully my rants haven't scared you off haha! But it be a good note that I am well, focused and determined and will still be who I am regardless of what happens! ^__^

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Adelaide, South Australia

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:bulletpink:I am a self taught traditional artist. I like gaming, arts and crafts, music, cosplaying, photography and lots more!

:bulletpink: My fave type of music is electronic, but I also like hip hop, orchestrated and instrumental music. I believe music is key to inspiration for ones own arts so I like listening to pretty much anything that tickles my ears.

:bulletpink: I do commissions! If you are interested please note me or check out my commissions journal down below.

:bulletpink: As much as I'd like to, I can't reply or watch everyone's work or profile. That would eat up my life! I do appreciate every watch, comment, fave from you though! :hug:

:bulletpink: I do not appreciate spam on my message area, anything from links and ads to random irrelevant things will be deleted if need be.

DO NOT SEND ME SPAM OR CHAIN LETTERS, TAGS ETC ON MY FRONT PAGE. YOUR MESSAGES WILL BE MARKED AS SPAM. I like to keep my comments section clean, so don't send me crap lke that as I am not interested. :)

Thank you for stopping by! :D


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