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Nat Silva
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Adelaide, South Australia

:pencil: I am a self taught traditional artist, but I also use digital editing software to create unique mixed media.

:bulletred: I used to send my art work to Australian based Nintendo Magazines including, Nintendo Magazine System (NMS), N64 Gamer and Hyper!

:la: Co Host for Over The Top! Radio Show.

:bulletyellow: Pop Culture enthusiast, community based and volunteer for AVCon (Anime and Video Games Convention) in Adelaide.

:star: I am interested in performing arts, acting, dancing as well as voice acting.

:bulletpink: I am an obscure creature and my likes and dislikes are in the billions, but they have a familiar streak...

Nintendo freak - free icon by indigojelly I'm very retro styled, love the 80's and 90's (yes, yes... including the fashion and music!) and I love anything to do with Nintendo, Japan and Pop Culture.

:star: Stuff about me...

- Nintendoid and being a collector for 30+ years!
- Being a general "Artist" and evolving within that.
- Fashion alien ( yes I love alternative fashion).
- I am very random and loud!
- Yoshi collector (mostly plushies and toys, but anything is good!)
- Very 'comical' and 'animated' type of person.
- Hoping to be a good future streamer on Twitch!
- Interested in Photography, Cosplay and Music too.





Discords: NatSilva#3686







Didz is LIVE! He's playing DKC2 trying to finish the game on a friday night, come say hello and watch! :D
Didz is now LIVE on Twitch TV! Come and say hello, watch him play Donkey Kong Country 2 and have a chat! :)
We have NBN!! Streaming will start soon, check out my journal for more info :)
Well I guess watchers expect art from me, I am trying people.. but i can't help but feel a bit brushed off :L so whatever.
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This is a rant about a post I saw and reacted to... I replied to the person, who shall remain nameless because I don't want to use this as an attack or whatever.. but it really opened my mind to the bigger picture. Not just in the fashion industry side of the actual topic/conversation/post I replied to, but in generalising (and no I won't spell you with a z..) the every day society of how us as humans deal with things that are obscure, different and alien to our own nature and morals, I decided to use Lolita Fashion or EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita) as an example of how I see things from that general perspective, so... if you wana spend the next half an hour reading crap... keep reading... :D

If you don't want to read on then I can understand!! 


There are a lot of Lolita stores in the US and everywhere in the world, as the fashion became very popular in the western countries (mainly outside of Japan) and other countries, like the US, Asia and Europe have now got vast empires of brand stores all over the world! :) They have expanded so far now that you can even find them online, Lace Market is the best place to buy 2nd hand and new Lolita and EGL atire clothing and accessories.. hand bags, socks, pretty much anything and everything!!! The 2nd hand market has now become a place to sell and buy pre loved Lolita things. As a Lolita myself, I urge people NOT to give false advice and there for facts if they do not know or understand the background or fashion itself... and also, not to buy Lolita on ebay (as you can get ripped off by false sellers on fake or replica items), there are other 2nd hand and indie brand sites you can go to now for an outfit, depending on how good your Japanese is I suggest going to TaoBao online store and looking through the hundreds of different Indie brands there (as well as brand some times). Thee is also Bodyline, which is seen as a cheap alternative entry in to Lolita fashion and some have different opinions on it, some love it and some don't think it should even be called or placed in to the "brand" category.

If you are interested in Lolita fashion there are lots of blogs with useful information and also tutorials by Lolitas, who actually own, have and wear the fashion - not some random who just decided to take a quick photo of some girl in Lolita (probably not with her permission to later post online).

The Lolita community in each country.area are pretty well natured, usually friendly but taking photos without permission is some thing every single true Lolita will agree with me on - it's plain rude and a little weird.. we accept others taking photos of us, if asked nicely, or if curious about the fashion they can ask us about it and then we can  decide if we consent to it or not~ but it should never be forced or done with out permission. As a Lolita, I have found that people are not comfortable with seeing some one IN Lolita and will stare, some times rude comments or even hurtful comments will be said.. but its very hard to keep an open mind, be kind and have courage with this kind of attitude towards some one who wants and truly loves the fashion for what it is....

Just because you see some thing or some one dressed differently to what is "deemed as fashion on a retail level" doesn't give you the right to stare and be rude to them. Yes, it's hard or can be incredibly overwhelming both good and bad when wearing Lolita fashion, but the people who are wearing it are not there doing it for you - they are doing it for them... Because they love the fashion and as an artist, I can relate. It takes countless hours, days, years and imagination, creativity and planning to achieve the right coordinate! That is what sets it apart from your every day fashion, it is an art form within itself and should be appreciated as art.

I really want to express my opinion as a Lolita enthusiast on how I have seen and been in the situation, both from an outsiders point of view, from an artists point of view and from some one who really has never dressed the normie way so I can relate with how the fashion industry may cater for the average male/female/trans/whatever you are/egg/potato/sheeple/muggle; it's what will keep you safe, average and equal. And not to mention it is the one thing everyone can agree on to be comfortable and bland - sweat pants/gym clothes/baggy pants/comfy pajamas etc are versatile and used by billions, it sells and there for makes money. Not everyone wants to wear what is forced on us by the department stores with their "designers and fashion stylists" and that is why alternative fashion exists, for those who don't care about wanting to be equal... not in that way anyway, it's more along the lines of expression of who you are by what you wear, that is why Lolita is extremely expensive and hard to acquire if you are not familiar with the basic concepts of it in the first place... leading me to the end of this rather long bloated rant, because it urks me when others say irrelevant things which are not exactly accurate, thus creating this false sense of information about it in the first place! 

Just cause you saw a Lolita/J-fashion/visual kei  enthusiast wearing such clothing, doesn't give you permission or the right to go take a photo with out asking them first if you CAN, furthermore... granted they obviously have no clue you took a photo sneakily behind their back and then uploading it everywhere for the world to see and share.  How about the next time you get off your phone and actually approach people whom you think are interesting?? You might learn something about them and their fashion/whatever they are doing and actually gain knowledge out of it too. Bonus if you honestly a decent person, who sees the world differently - that way we could all co exist in this planet (which in my opinion is becoming grey and boring, as there is no actual communication between us!!!! It's all online now, people forget to look up some times and make an effort to engage with others). But by placing false information out when you don't know much about the fashion, is really going to alert attention in the wrong way, or maybe in ways others will be like, "Um no, it's not like that at all" which is pretty much what this is... Not at all lol.

I would appreciate your outlook on this, pinons about how you feel about this topic.. even if you don't wear the fashion or don't know what it is, that's OK! I am just saying in general, the fashion is mainly an example of how people these days just have no manners/sense or lack of; oblivious to others feelings and judgmental negativity within our planet, when we should be supportive of differences, artistic en devours and so many fancy words you would like to add here. This is just a statement of what was brought to my attention when flicking through posts, which I am actually glad I stumbled on because it gives me time to rant and think of how I can help to improve (not just myself but yeah..) but others too by coming from different sides; outside, inside and as an artist (which is a completely different universe within itself by the way! :P it's more along the lines of artists copp so much and have to tolerate/see things differently, not having a go at you if you are not creative or artistic!! Just saying, arty farty people do things different).

Long winded extended part as I kinda think stuff up as I go along, plus I haven't written a good chewy journal in ages. In the future - expect to see me on youtube, I am not ready for Twitch or streaming just yet, my tech isn't as impressive as my other half but I am quite interested  on how the whole thing works, will work, should work...could work! :D Lets do this Nat! Stop being such a scaredy cat... Yeah actually I have many doubts on streaming, mostly because good vision is required to set up such a thing but I have never let that get in my way of at least trying... Youtube I am more familiar with and it would be easier for me to transition in to streaming after a bit of Youtube stuff because at least I would have a base audience... a little of experience "talking to myself" and planning and preparing content, who doesn't like good content eh? :] So now we have reliable internet, (finally!!) I can start dealing with this thing. If you have any advice or tips I would love to hear them, I am not too freaked out by being online (face etc) it's more about self confidence, which HAHAHA, look! I wear big poofy dresses out in public, with wigs and makeup!! What confidence?? I have been able to get over 'that' part of the self confidence thing, it feels amazing and very self rewarding, for me it's NOT about the attention (how others look at us when we are out in Lolita with a group or whatever) it's more about the self worth it gives you, the energy you gain from it and also the smiles from those who do appreciate it when you have put so much effort and love in to some thing... it's rewarding. No, I don't wear it all the time.. it takes waaay too long and it's pretty exhausting to doll up every day/week... monthly eh, some times. But I really appreciate those who DO it for life, rock it! I just, can't.. lol. But when I do I have fun and make sure it's some thing I am happy with~ and shouldn't that be the fundamental base to everything?? Happiness?? If some thing makes you happy - DO IT! Right? So why cloud someone else's hopes and aspirations just because you may not consort or value them like that person does? Yknow the world would be a much nicer place if we actually bothered to be kind...

As once a very wise person told me; It's hard to be kind and have courage.. But it doesn't take much to be wicked and selfish. 


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