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NOT Born This Way

An assignment for school...dedicated to Anthony...:heart:

Social Protest Art...Created Traditionally...Digitally Restored for Optimum Viewing...

My topic was "Autism In Society". My main focus was that there are 1 in 88 people diagnosed with Autism currently in America.
Autism Research, as compared to other medical conditions, receives the least amount of funding.

The first wave of people diagnosed with low and non verbal autism are reaching adulthood, and aging out of special education.
Many will not be able to live on their own, and will have little to no support services available to them.
This is the reality I face having a brother with low verbal autism, who I featured heavily in this piece.

Media portrayal impacts public awareness, which affects funding and research.
Commonly, the media will focus attention on the compelling aspects of high functioning Autism to define the condition.
This lessens public concern for medical research and treatment options.

I incorporated the graph showing increase in Autism, courtesy of Autism Speaks.
The tsunami wave is a metaphor for how unprepared society is to deal with this growing epidemic.

There are people with Autism who are verbal, and can live independently.
However, the majority are low and non verbal, unable to report their circumstances, or perceive danger.
These people with low and non verbal autism are ultimately dependent on family for the rest of their lives.

This is the reality that I face with my brother.
I want to finish school, and be successful working in film and animation.
I will need to support my brother when my parents are unable to.

This affects my entire life, and I will not turn my back on Anthony for anyone.


I shared my piece "NOT Born This Way" to Anne Dachel at The Age of Autism...

It resulted in a feature...…

Everything you need to know about the art piece and what inspired it is in the interview. :heart:


Art belongs to NattieNatCat
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