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My Bio
:bulletblue: About me :bulletblue:

x Occupation
+ Digital Illustrator,comic artist and semi-web designer.

x Do you accept art trades or art requests?
+ Read my Art trades/commission/requests FAQ to the left side of this page.

x Favorite subject to draw?
Mainly males,lol.I seem to be able to be more creative with drawing out males than I do with females.
I get all excited when I see hot/cute/sexy males mostly xD
+ Straight couples

x Least favorite subject to draw?
+ Not interested in yaoi or yuri.
:shrug: I'm just not turned on by it,simple as that.
+ Animals
I really don't practice enough to be confident enough to draw them.

x Tools & Programs used before
+ Wacom Intuos 4 tablet
+ Photoshop,Open Canvas,Painter,and SAI

x Interests and hobbies
+ Playing video games,reading manga,watching anime,listening to music and hanging out with online and IRL friends.

I love my PS3 stamp by SteffieSilva I love my PSP stamp by SteffieSilva

x Favorite video games
+ I mainly stick to RPGs the most,since most of my collection is nothing but RPGs and very few action and fighting games.

++ List of favorites ++
x RPGs
+ Final Fantasy VII/Final Fantasy Tactics, Breath of Fire 3, Valkyrie Profile, Disgaea, Persona 3, and Tales of...Destiny/Phantasia/Abyss
x Fighting
+ Darkstalkers series, Blazblue series, Bloody Roar series, and Samurai Shodown series.
x Action
+ Devil May Cry series, Metal Gear Solid series, Zone of the Enders series, Chaos Legion, MegaMan X series and MegaMan Zero series
x Others
+ Little Big Planet,Galerians,Panzer Dragoon 1 and 2.

x Gaming style
+ I'm really not the competitive type,with multiplayer online I like to have fun with friends,whether I win or lose,I don't take it personal.

x Favorite music
+ Mainly rock,heavy metal,and jrock.I sometimes give other genre a listen to.

Slipknot,Soilwork,DevilDriver,X Japan,Sex machinguns,Dir en grey,D'espairsray,and 9mm Parabellum Bullet.

x Favorite manga
Gensou Maden Saiyuki,D.N.Angel,Hyper Police,Soul Eater,Peacemaker Kurogane/Imon,and Chronicles of the Cursed Sword.

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Slipknot,Soilwork,Dark Tranquillity,DevilDriver,9mm Parabellum Bullet, and X-Japan
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop,Paint Tool SAI
Other Interests
Working out and hanging out with friends offline or online
Hi, it's been a while since I've updated my DA journal. Still the same ol'. Lol. Still at my crappy part time job and still looking for a better job. This year has been interesting so far, met some new people, my progress in making art is improving, getting out of the house alittle more. It's nice to have some changes here and there so you can forget about all the bad things going on. I'm currently doing summer commissions. I made a post it about it on my tumblr: Currently doing one right now. I'm finding it weird that my part time job has been g
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Moving forward

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It's been a tough year for me, my job, my life, etc. Each day I hope it gets better, but waiting and having the paitence for better days is wearing me down. All I can do is keep moving forward. Improving my art, never giving up on my passion to make art and so on. Let's just say that where I am in my life, it's never changing and I dislike it. I want a change from how it is now, mainly for a better change. Playing video games and my other hobbies help me forget the bad things going on in life. So atleast this summer video games will continue to distract me, which is a good thing. Bad because I delay my art projects and other projects,lol. De
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I'm working on a drawing where my two original demon characters are involved and are in a [demonic?] library. :thumb367858677: I'm in the mood for doing a type of art trade with this drawing. Here's the details: I'm interested in putting in original characters from my watchers/followers as they will be postioned in the background or take up space of sitting on that couch. Whichever original character that I pick,will be put in the drawing. There is One Catch to this. If I choose your original character,I would HIGHLY appreciate it if you return the favor and do an art trade in exchange for drawing your OC. Kind of silly to do a favor
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Sorry for spamming you with favs. ^^; I just love the way you draw characters from my favorite games. :)
It's okay! :) I've been busy lately so no worries. Thank you for the favs! I'm glad you like my illustrations :)
I'm in love with your arts..
I'm watching you
Aw :heart: Thank you so much! I'll return the favor :D
Welcome to :iconmangaanimestyle:
Thank you for joining as a member, this is our rules and folder definitions:…
If you still dont understand, dont hesitate to ask us..
Looking forward to see your artwork here.. Have a nice day.. :D
Thank you for the welcome! :)