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My Bio
I am working on a new way to make and distribute customizable transforming robot action figures. Where you get to chose the look,colors and accessories for your bot the way you want them. Concept drawings rendered model images and prototype pics are all on their way. But in order to do that I need to see if my process is viable, both in financially and physically. So, first I’ll be doing a few fan figures that are more recognizable, bots I have loved for years.

See, back in the day about the time the first Transformers movie came out there was a big push in the collectors market for third parties to begin making toys of fan favorite characters we never thought the official blokes over a Hasbro and Takara would make. I tried my hand at this by making an upgrade kit to make Hasbro’s old CHUG Roabuster a little more G1 accurate. It was pretty well received and I had plans to make my own toys and be one of the first third party robot companies, but as it often does life got in way of my dreams. Long story short, I took a job with a small indie film company and moved my family from California to Connecticut. There I made props and costumes and even did a little CGI. After a several years there that company dissolved and I became a freelancer once more. I returned to California and I returned to toys. For the last few years I’ve been working as a freelance designer, illustrator, and have even contributed a few toy designs for some other third party toy makers.

Now with a few toy designs under my belt and some more experience in creative manufacturing techniques, and armed with some pretty nice 3D printers I am finally going to bring life to an idea I’ve been working on since my Roadbuster upgrade days. Custom one-off transforming robots. That’s right, you the consumer get to chose your own character, its look, its vehicle mode, its accessories, weapons, color, even how it transforms. You name it it’s yours. We will supplement these custom figures with some basic “standard color” units for you to fill out your army, but really the sky is the limit.

But first I'm going to start my toy shop re-doing some of the favorites figures from my collection. I'll start with some from the Unicron Trilogy and move on from there.

Stay tuned!

Favourite Movies
80 pop stuff, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Goastbusters, Indiana Jones
Favourite TV Shows
as a kid,Transformers, TMNT, Power Rangers, He-man,Thundercats and the like, now ... about the same
Favourite Books
Wheel of Time, Foundation
Favourite Writers
Robert Jorden, Isaac Asimov
Favourite Games
The Legend of Zelda, Mario, and other RPGs and Action games
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Nintendo Switch
Tools of the Trade
Fusion 360, PS, IL, AE
Other Interests
Toys and whatnot
It's been a while since I tried to do anything very artistic. So I thought I'd start submitting some old things. I hope to do some more soon too.
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So, as you may have noticed, I've been getting back into TF-related work doing some things for 3rd party groups Mastermind Creations and Mech Ideas.  It's been fun, and soon they say they'll maybe let me design a few toys... who knows! =)
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The film I've been working on for the last few years has finally come to theaters in the US!  "Dorothy and the Witches of Oz" is basically the directors cut of the film that aired on SyFy UK last summer with some updated computer effects and remastered sound.  It's a fun family film with fun eighty's vibe.  Staring Christopher Lloyd, Paulie Rojas, Eliza Swenson, Mia Sara, Lance Henriksen, Jeffrey Combs, Sean Astin, Ethan Embry, and Billy Boyd.  It's a true Indy film (meaning we used no big studio money at all).  I was on the conceptual design team, as well as a prop designer, costume designer, and in post a CG FX Compositor.  There where basi
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hello im semir10000 and i love transformers. i have only been on devainart for 5 days but i made a lot of ben 10 aliens. im really good at making aliens. but i want to star making my own version of transformers too. its called transformers dragon wars, i version of transformers that involves the atobots and there dragon forms, and the decipticons and there monster/demon forms. i have lots of ideas for it but i can draw any king of transformer if my life dependit on it. aliens i can do. transformers i cant. one thing i really want is to also add a power-full extra to the transformers dragon wars power house. the dinobots, i want to bring them to the battle in bigger and stronger looks and forms. i saw your art while i was looking down this page for ideas and i took a long look at your art and i have to say you are one of the beast. so how about this, can you please make and send me some transformers characters. it would really help. id be happy to trad or make a good duel for you. please, i really need your help. please. i really need help with a character called snarl. i want him to look bigger,taller,and more spikes then ever before.

type me back.

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