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Amok Time

By NatnatTOS
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This is turning into one of those stupid meme prompts "X times Kirk and Spock should have made out and the one time they didn't have to"
Who likes stupid comics I spent way too long coloring???

Seriously, Bones, you aren't fooling anybody with that attitude : P

EDIT: Fixed Kirk's magically healing shirt. Because we all know if his shirt is going to defy physics, it won't be to cover more skin.
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mayawtffNew Deviant

am I divorced yet haha

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LadySionis Writer
nothing like an old lady to who knows how to let things happen. XD
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TheRisingAwesomeHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is perfect. This should've happened. 
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gotta love T'Pau she knows whats up
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Why am I on this part of the internet again
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I don't ship them, but this would have be at least as realistic as what happend in canon.

I never understand why he didn't just had sex with Christine. I mean, she would have enjoyed it he also, like, he does feel something for her, even if its just some kind of trust and friendship. This would have solved the sitation so much easier than what actually happend and would also not have brought Kirk in mortal danger.
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Spock was already engaged, and he had to come back to the planet otherwise he would have died. The rest happened because his waifu didn't actually want Spock xD
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Trekfan12Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh I like this <3
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SpeedygalHobbyist Writer
Hahahahaa XD. Oh god, your comics are hilarious.
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"Amok Time" could be better dubbed "About Time!", or possibly "Wellit'sabouttimejimwhydidn'tyoudothatsoonerandspockyou'reillogicalsoha!"

You have my thanks Star Trek Nodding (Community Emoticon) 
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EdwennLaPikachuNoireHobbyist Traditional Artist
I totally agree with you x)
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BloodyMortdecaiHobbyist General Artist
"Shhhh... Just let it happen."
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xXDanielPhantomXxHobbyist General Artist
So cannon its not Cannon.
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Owal13Hobbyist General Artist
.............just let it happen everyone.....just let it happen..............[emoticon] Spirk 
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bodymindandspiritStudent Traditional Artist
omg this is the best comic
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SkyeWolf1312Student Digital Artist
Ah, The hilarious delight of a pon farr copper flavored kiss.
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Nostera49Professional Writer
One more time, Kirk couldn't wait for it.

Is this fight only an excuse for eyesex-and-possibly-more?

Bones seems really annoyed to have to deal with this, especially here.
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alderfurStudent Traditional Artist

Ash. Just let it happen. 
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alderfurStudent Traditional Artist
Ssh. Sorry.
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I know, I was amused by the whole strip, but lost it at that line, lol
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alderfurStudent Traditional Artist
Lol, yeah, I lost it then too, obviously. XD 
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claire-kitty12Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Did anyone else notice that T'Pau said "Wulcan" through out this episode?
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