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Dr. Liara T'Soni from Mass Effect, sexy asari scientist extraordinaire. My favourite romance. I've depicted her as the studious, brilliant, awkward girl you meet in the first Mass Effect. We all know how she becomes a total bad-ass after that one. Now I know that this is the future and nobody seems to wear glasses (eye surgery must be cheap), but glasses look cute. So there. Statues on Ilos in the background. Eep, scawy.

If I can be arsed to do it, which I doubt, I'll paint the face and send the canvas to Bioware for their wall.


:iconthreshthesky: for a brilliant eye tutorial I used here for the first time. A+, will use again. Find it for yourself here:
:icondraggeta: for moral support. Says it's my best work so far, he does.
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Liara with glass feel vary accurate to her character vary good work!

Natmonkey's avatar
Aw, thank you very much!
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A scholar and a gentlelady. You know, those glasses are really a great touch. I really emphasizes what she really is, a researcher. Nice job!
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Agreed the glasses are pretty neat! I never really thought about none of them wearing glasses in the game @_@ 
Natmonkey's avatar
Thank you! The closest they get is these visor things.
VaryagOfMiklagaard's avatar
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Please don't have an aneurysm. I'm rubbish at first aid. Thanks for commenting though.
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Somehow, the nerd glasses manage to make her even cuter than usual...
Natmonkey's avatar
That was totally the point, so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! :dummy: Thanks for commenting.
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I would be truly honored if you and your affiliates would allow me to use this in a non-profit video dedicated to the character growth of Liara. All with your names in the credits and links to your sites in the description.
Natmonkey's avatar
You are welcome to use this and I would be honoured if you did; thanks for asking for permission.
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I really like her facial expression and the glasses are a nice touch. Great job on this and thanks for the description shout-out. :D
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Thank you for commenting =). Glad you like her. I swear, the eyes are so much better than what I usually do.

Well, I figured that since your tutorial helped me, it would surely also help others. Now here's hoping they actually read a description once in a while.
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This loos so freaking awesome. Your bf might be right, this is amazing! The background looks like it's glowing and the fact that it's blurred gives it a mystical aura (or the camera is just doing its job, but let's stick with the aura).

Those white dots on her... hair shouldn't go all the way down? And I want a copy of that book. Though I can only read  "BLUE BLUE KASDBJAJ", but it seems like something she would read ("I'm blue, dabadee da daaa daba deee duum" -- sorry, the "Protheans: Fact or Fiction"). 

Natmonkey's avatar
Hooray! I'm pleased you like her. I finished the background before the foreground this time. It's sloppy, but you can't tell with the blur. Devilish

Nope. I checked the screenshots again. Knew I was right, though. Hop into the time machine! "I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favourite book on the Citadel."

ME will still be there when you're done. Petting is sensual! 
DefinitionOfDestiny's avatar
Shhh I like it, don't tell anybody and it will all be fine.

Really? I googled images of her and it seemed they went all the way down :shrug: or maybe it's her skin texture. Asari, man, go figure. I never got that line because renegade :'(

Thank you for understanding love power 
Natmonkey's avatar
They still don't. I found a 3D model where it is only a crown-like shape on the underside of her crest. Probably the texture of her skin combined with highlights. In fact, I should change it here because they go on too far in places. Maybe I can be arsed to do it some other time. Or not at all. :shrug:
DefinitionOfDestiny's avatar
Meh, whatever, it looks good. They look fine, leave them, I say! Worship the Lazyness! XD
Natmonkey's avatar
Only to a certain extent. If I would really embrace the laziness, nothing at all would happen. No stories, no drawings, no getting out of bed, no dinner. Nothing.
DefinitionOfDestiny's avatar
Embrace the procrastination? All the major things would happen then. At least the ones ou need to make happen so you can survive, you know.
Natmonkey's avatar
:shrug: I try not to procrastinate, actually. Human nature usually takes over and I do it anyway. A little.
Deemonef's avatar
mazaing work:love:
She looks so cute, you did a great work :)
Ashame, that she change so much in ME2 and ME3 I liked her so much in ME1 :)
Natmonkey's avatar
Thank you very much; I'm happy you like her. Cute was exactly what I was going for.
Well, I understand how people change, but the change in her seemed so drastic. It becomes clearer when you pay extra to read the comics (not a great fan of these practices). I loved her sweet personality in ME1.
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