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Destroyed City

Destroyed City

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Other stock is my :) , windows and textures.
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Would it be possible to use your creation as an electronic book cover? Thanks  John
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Would you mind if I use it? I will obviously credit you. :)
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Used here! Hope you don't mind? :)
Could I use this for a school project, please?
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Hi. Wondered if you would mind me using this for a school project?
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Ok, no problem :)
How can I tag you on Instagram? (Non-commercial)
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Jakub Skórkowski :) or like fanpage and put the link to " Nation Project" :)
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Used your image for…

I credited you for the image
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hi~ can I use your pic as the background of my poster? I'll credit you~ thanks~ ^^
hallo can I use your picture for the  background of my project? obviously you ' ll have your credit . thanks bye
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Hi! i used your image as a header for my roleplay forum www.takingoverlayen2014.proboa… if you don't want me to use it i can take it down  but i made sure to credit you! :3
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im writing a book based in a city that is torn by corruption and gang violence and i was wondering if maybe i could use this as the front cover cause when i write i like to have the lay out of the book before i start, including front back covers and the blurb ect.... and i love this pic and reckon it would go great with the story so could i use it, pls???
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Used here:
I hope you dont mind! 
thank you! :) (Smile) 
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This is the perfect image for a short film I want to shoot later this year. May use it please? And I'll place you in the credits for all to see.
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