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⋘ ─ ─ ─ ─ ∗ ⋅ ◈ ⋅ ∗ ─ ─ ─ ─ ⋙

I hope you like it and remember that criticism is accepted

Sorry for my English

I tried not to be a cliché as lately all the
Creepypastas are cliché

⋘ ─ ─ ─ ─ ∗ ⋅ ◈ ⋅ ∗ ─ ─ ─ ─ ⋙

Eyeless Jackie


Jackeline A 16-year-old girl, her friends described her as sympathetic and sometimes daring.

She had friends she had never suffered bullying or harassment, her parents or any of her relatives hurt her.

One day when Jackeline was six years old he discovered something he was going to understand over time, his parents were organ dealers.

Jackie having the age of 6 years did not understand what was happening, her parents tried to explain, but still did not understand, but over the years she would understand.

One day Jackie at the age of 16 was leaving school with one of her friends, Madison.

-Madison: Hey Jackie

-Jackie: Yes?

-Madison: In very little will be your 17 birthday, you will make a party?

-Jackie: I do not plan to make a party, I just want to blow the candles and eat cake with my parents, I'm sorry

-Madison: Don't worry, I understand, also children we have to have time for parents, don't you think?

-Jackie: Yes...

After talking and walking for a while, Jackie and Madison had to separate, as usual, to go home.

Jackie when she gets home greets her parents and sits next to them for lunch.

-Mother: Ready for the last class?

-Jackie: Last?

-Mother: Yes, I think you're ready enough

-Jackie: But...

-Father: is something wrong?

-Jackie: I still do not want to devote to that

-Father: Do not worry daughter, we are not hurrying. Your mother is only preparing you.

Jackie's mother had been a surgeon and knew enough about it, so she taught her daughter. Her parents wanted her to be ready so that in the future she would also be involved in organ trafficking, as her parents made a living out of it.

After lunch and Jackie's last class, the next few days were like everyone else, except on November 7th, her birthday.

It was November 7th, a Friday night, that day would be the last day for Jackie and her parents.

It was 9 pm, the small family had already dined and prepared to prepare the cake for his daughter to blow those little candles that showed a 17. The mother was about to light the candles when suddenly a strong blow was heard at the entrance.

The father got up, the mother was a little terrified and grabbed Jackie's arm and hugged her, Jackie was very confused, didn't understand what was going on, how could a birthday go wrong? her birthday.

The father placed himself in front of his wife and daughter. Then entered 4 men dressed in black, one had a metal lever, another a metal bar and the other two were not armed.

These men belonged to a somewhat-known mafia, they had discovered Jackie's parents.

Then one of the men snatched Jackie out of her mother's arms, she and her parents were struggling, one of the men gave Jackie a blow leaving her insconciente, then gagged her and tied her hands and feet.

Jackie woke up and saw her parents on their knees, gagged in front of her, amid the men's, they set out to open their stomachs, the men wanted to make them suffer so that they knew what some of their relatives had felt, Jackie did not want to Look, he didn't want to see how his parents died in front of her, but they forced her, forced her to look, the other two men opened her eyes well as she cried, could not scream, could do nothing, just cry and see the cruel death of her parents being gutted and The day of his birthday.

The parents were already dead there was only the poor daughter, Jackie. The men approached her, untied her, and removed the gag while she, panicked could only cry, the men grabbed her hard.

-Man 1: What if we give him a gift?
 Since today is apparently his birthday.

-Man 2: What a good idea

One of the four men approached this and arranged to remove his eyes with a knife, Jackie cried and screamed from the pain. 

She was tortured while she was dying of pain and bled to death. A few minutes ago the men realized that she was already dead, left the body without life and took the parents of Jackie.

Jackie suddenly could breathe, she didn't have an explanation for that and she got up, turned around and saw her lifeless body, she was a ghost, a soul in grief.

I was anxious to kill, to make vengeance. I seek and seek the trail of his assassins cost him but he found them, those four men who had finished with his life and that of his parents on the day of his 17 birthday.

I wanted to kill them. With his eagerness to kill he pounced upon them, the terrified men did not understand what was happening, then Jackie began to gut them with his fangs and teeth, every piece of flesh, blood and organ he felt inside his mouth was satisfactory to her , she had gone completely insane.

After collecting vengeance and eating the flesh and organs of those men she vanished into the darkness.

The friends and family of that little family never knew what happened to them to do that to him.


Creator: NatiCattieGamer // NatiCatt (me)


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