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long lost bud| Yata Misaki x Shy! Reader
The city was awfully quiet for late afternoon. Too quiet. The (h/c) girl looked around wearily as she clutched the small bouquet tightly to her chest, remembering the actions held at her school not even an hour ago.
“Here you go, (Y/n).” A smooth voice called out, making (Y/n) turn around, confusion written across her face as a small bundle of flowers were shoved into her face.
“What’s this about, Alex?” She asked, admiring the heliotropes and daisies with their heavenly scent.
“I.. um.. I really like you and was hoping you’d go out with me, (Y/n)-chan!” Alex said, a deep blush covering his cheeks as he bowed down, his breath held as he waited for a response.
“Al..Alex…” She stuttered, taking a half step back, “I can’t.. I’m sorry…” She finished, looking down with a frown.
“You are a really, really good friend though and I hope our friendship can keep going!
:icongureirin:Gureirin 12 0
a smoothie by hopehound a smoothie :iconhopehound:hopehound 136 14
Cold Yet There Is Warmth (Shiro x Reader)
You always wanted children of your own. Dreams of conceiving with the love of your life and preparing to become parents together were all you wished for. But Shiro wasn't so sure himself since he didn't want to have to put not just one important life in danger but two. Also, the weight you'd have to burden for those nine months weren't exactly going to be easy on a spacecraft in the middle of space. So, when Shiro finally agreed in trying for a baby you were over the moon and went straight for it with no hesitation. Afraid that he would back out if you wouldn't take his offer since you knew how afraid he was to put you in even more danger.
When you both had found out that you were pregnant it was an emotional day and also one for rules. Shiro decided that if you were carrying yours and his child that you had to listen to him so that he wouldn't feel anxious. You, of course, agreed for him and the baby. It helped him remain calm knowing you weren't being reckless. And one of the many ru
:iconcondensedmlk:condensedmlk 16 4
1+1 by NatalieDeCorsair 1+1 :iconnataliedecorsair:NatalieDeCorsair 509 0
The Last Of Us: Joel x Reader (Part One)
    Warning:  There is some strong language in this series.  That is all :D
You were walking on the sidewalk when you saw a man that looked like he had gotten hit with a car run after a girl that was screaming.  he leaped and landed on her.  Blood spattered everywhere and the girl screamed in pain which was cut short.  A women ran into you she turned to you and yelled "RUN THEY'RE COMING!"  You could see about thirty people running away from something.  You started running with them.  A telephone pole that was on fire fell in front of you.  You saw a guy with black hair holding a girl with short honey brown hair running in the same direction as you.  There was another guy with medium brown hair.  The one carrying the girl looked at you.  It only lasted for a second though because people ran on front of your gaze.  Cars kept crashing into each other.  People kept getting eaten
:iconu1timateassassin:U1timateAssassin 76 6
Sugar and Spice (Yuri Plisetsky x Reader)
How was it possible, for two people who were such polar opposites, to be so deeply in love?
Viktor watched in tender amusement as (y/n) fussed over Yurio, the tough "Ice Tiger of Russia" surprisingly submissive where he sat on a bench, his leg propped up next to him. An unusual frown adorned (y/n)'s usually cheerful face.
Yurio had attempted a particularly difficult jump during practice that day, and had painfully wrenched his ankle as a result. While it was a minor injury and would only cost him a few days of training, (y/n) was worried all the same.
As Viktor watched, (y/n) handed Yurio an ice pack, her lips moving in some sort of reprimand, and, to Viktor's surprise and delight, a small, loving smile appeared on Yurio's face. Exaggerated tears appeared in his eyes.
His baby was in love.
"Yuri! Look! Look! Our baby is growing up!" He glomped the Japanese boy, shaking him back and forth.
"Viktor! Please keep your voice down! They can hear you!" Yuri blushed at the closeness and waved
:iconlordsister:LordSister 38 13
Caught (Tom Holland x Reader)
Summary: Y/n would rather spend her time hiding, but what happens when Tom catches her?
Prompt 984 - From @daily-prompts on Tumblr
I knew he knew I was there. I saw him see me out of the corner of his eye.
I held my breath, but nothing could prevent the sound of my heart thumping behind my own ears, pressing my back against the wall of the outdoor bathroom. It felt like my senses were heightened as a breeze rushed past me, the rustling leaves and birds chirping overloading my hearing while I squeezed my eyes shut to block them out.
Come on, you lasted this long. Don’t blow it.
Sighing, I gritted my teeth and made my game plan, my eyes locking with a tree a few meters away.
Good, you can make that.
A smile pulled its way to my lips before I bit my lower lip, reminding myself that it wasn’t over yet. Wiping my clammy hands against my shorts, I quickly peeked my head around the corner to make sure the coast was clear before making a brea
:iconfrostbite98:FrostBite98 10 0
Although all you saw was darkness, you felt warmth against your frigid body. Incomprehensible buzzing of unfamiliar voices filled your ears. As your eyes fluttered awake, you could make out a scarred yet angular visage, and now felt two muscular arms carrying you close. Fear and confusion overcame you.
You tried to squirm, but you were unable to feel much of your cold and heavy body. The man looked down at you with relief and a hint of astonishment.
Before you could force out a scream while being hauled off by the strange man, he spoke to you in a soft, reassuring voice.
"Please try not to move. You are safe now. I am a paladin of Voltron. I promise to keep you safe."
You are a cautious person, but you felt as though you could trust him. At least somewhat. He had a sense of sincere kindness in his his battle worn face, and in his gentle eyes and voice.
You were intrigued. "Voltron?" Was all that you managed. Your voice came out much quieter than you expected. You realized that speaking
:icondrpepperswife:drpepperswife 10 3
FMA lineart - Lust by MohameDZero3 FMA lineart - Lust :iconmohamedzero3:MohameDZero3 11 0 Shokugeki No Soma Lineart: 2nd Year! by tokajero Shokugeki No Soma Lineart: 2nd Year! :icontokajero:tokajero 20 0
Thanos x baby! human reader
Thanos x baby! human reader
(Y/N) - your name
(S/C) - skin colour
(E/C) - eye colour
-3rd person PoV-
This could've never been predicted, Never. That so much could cease to be. That all that Thanos had imagined could come to fruition and half of all life br brushed away like dust in the wind, all with the power of the unyeilding infinity stones. Yet, The mighty being still contempated, had it all been worth it? The loss. Was it all worth the pain? Gamora, his lovely child. The black order, companiins unbreakable, All that was his was now gone like they were never even there. Still, those that survived could still live free of suffering, couldn't they? couldn't they?! the lonely  god sat pondering on a reborn Titan, all he could do was contemplate.
A lonesome, fearful screech pierced Thanos' keen ears and the god whipped himself from his puzzling mind b
:iconlarkieandkitsu:LarkieAndKitsu 25 8
Quicksilver x Reader - Girls love kittens
//Reader x Pietro, some swearing included.
 Background: you're in toxic relationship, but luckily there's someone to save the day (: 
 Apologies for any mistakes.//

(Y/n) opened the door of Steve Rogers’ room and furiously slammed them, before he followed her. She literally stormed through the Stark Tower’s kitchen and left two males who were sitting there in surprise. Soon though, Steve run after her, yelling for her to wait.
“Who was that?” Pietro Maximoff asked. Despite the fact she looked angry, he was curious who the beautiful (h/c) haired girl was. His companion in the afternoon’s coffee was Tony Stark. The Iron Man didn’t even look at young Maximoff, as he was busy reading the newspaper.
“(Y/n) (y/s). She’s Capsicle’s relative. Some sister’s granddaughter or whatever. He takes care of her since her mother died couple of months ago” Stark explained. Pietro’s mind has already been running
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 19 4
Time's Up. Mikoto x Reader
      Rolling over with a groan, Mikoto tightly wrapped an arm around you as he buried his face in the crook of your neck. Though you had been awake for quite some time now, Mikoto was just now awaking from a sound sleep. His voice little more than a gruff mumble, he seemed to be barely awake enough to speak at all. "What's that noise?"
“Good morning to you too.” Still not one-hundred percent used to the feeling of being cuddled up to him like this, you were glad that Mikoto was behind you, as this meant he couldn't see how red his hug had made you. As for his question, you were sure the noise he was referring to, was Anna's gentle humming. “That "noise", is Anna. She's bee humming all morning. Probably because she's excited."
"Oh." Realizing you were right, Mikoto let out a little sigh. "What is she doing up so early?"
“Early?” Either he was joking, or he really had no idea just how long he'd been sleeping. Knowing Mikoto like you did, you
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 35 5
Umbrella [Makoto T.]
Fem!Reader | Makoto Tachibana
(Name) waves at her friends, her shoes in one hand, a smile on her lips. She slips her shoes on, and just then, it starts pouring. The girl perceives the surprised yells of her friends and several other unprepared students. Her hands still, and her eyes flit over to glance at the pouring rain, an expression of slight distress painting her countenance. She had forgotten an umbrella. Internally, she begins to beat herself up for forgetting such a simple thing.
            Makoto notices your despaired expression and tells his friends that he’ll catch up, shooing a whining Nagisa away with his hands.
            “Did you not notice how he was looking at (Name)-san?” Rei hisses as they head outside.
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 20 3
Black Maid II (Sebastian x Reader x Claude ) Ch. 3
That carriage...why would he leave my side to converse with Lau? What could he be speaking of that wouldn't include me? He must be keeping something without me knowing.
" Lord?"
Ciel broke out of his fixated trance on Sebastian, who he had realized he was staring too long at, and returned his attention to the group of people he had been talking to.
"I'm sorry, I became distracted. Could you repeat that?"
The man to his right nervously chuckled as he removed his top hat and leaned down to whisper to Ciel. 
"My lord, I have recently caught wind of a grand opportunity-"
Hearing the clearing of someone's throat, the man backed away and Ciel looked to his side, where Sebastian had reappeared and was bowing his head.
"If you will pardon us, I'm afraid my young master has another engagement."
Without another word, Ciel started walking away with his butler following. He sighed to himself once they were out of earshot. "What tiresome people."
He glanced at Sebastian from the
:iconmonavysi:Monavysi 14 0
Black Maid II (Sebastian x Reader x Claude ) Ch.2
It was over. Everything had fallen. Sebastian got what he wanted and has most likely left London. Ciel is dead. The ring was destroyed and now, Vincent is truly gone.
All of this hit you as you stopped walking in the middle of the road.
And as you looked down at your shoes, you realized something. You were walking to an unknown destination. There was nowhere for you to go, the manor was destroyed, your mate had fled, just blew up the only way back to hell.
"That may have needed more thought. But now, I have no choice."
You reached up and pulled the Phantomhive pin and the blue broach Ciel gave you on your first day. And you reached into your pocket to pull out the pocket watch within it.
Looking at all of the items that defined you as what you have been for a very long time, you dropped them. And they fell to their death on the hard road.
"Y/N L/ dead."
You pulled on your gloves to slide them off your fingers.
"Not yet."
The voice had made you freeze up. And in a second
:iconmonavysi:Monavysi 18 3



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i've been on a placement or what ever i chould call it this week. and today was my last at a car mechanic, still gona be there next time we have placement. but thats not why i laugth so hard today, no. 
the workers there got their payment and something must have gone wrong in the payment so they started to talking about it.... i wansen't listening that much, but out of no where one of the guys working there said "but if you call a elephant for a giraffe it is still a elephant" and then he just when like he had dropped the mic, they ended the discussion there like that was the best awanser they have got all day. no one talked about it for like an hour before the boss comes and ask about the payment, and the same guy say the same thing again. and while they talk about this a old man comes out of no where, and showes the middel finger to the bossPissed Bill Cipher emote . the boss just say "hi" like this was the most natural thing in the world. and the old guy just continue to show everyone the finger and then just take his car and leaves. i din't no if i should laugh or if i just should shut up. but in the end i laughed. i think i was the only one that was srsly confusedConfused John Travolta Meme (comment/chat emoticon . meh whatever. 
so that was my day, i don't think i can forget it....nope can't do. Nope 

:bademoticon: Money n Coins Dumbomote: ''Can I? ... really?'' 


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I live in Norway and are happy all the time.
Well i'm my self and live life with friends and family.


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