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Celtic Border Brushes

Here´s a set of high-res versatile celtic/norse border brushes which go with your moves seamlessly, that means you can do curves and all that jazz or even write with them. (you need a pressure sensitive tablet.) I have developed them for rims of shirts and such.
The divider in the middle is handpainted by me as a style element for the book design, I wanted it handpaintedly/calligraphic. This divider has not any dynamic settings. Have fun with them, they are also neat for designing cards and such stuff. The background was made with my paintstructure brushset which you can find also in my gallery.

PS CS VERSIONS. For how to install them please do a search on the net.

Those brushes can be used whereever you like, on commercial artwork and prints everywhere, you don´ t need my permission to ask, but I would LOVE to see what you have done with them and credit me if you like, but it isn´ t necessary.

Just don´ t make money out of the brushes theirselves because they are free for everyone to use and DO NOT REPOST. Please RESPECT my 2 simple rules.
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