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I've been doing a lot of hour-a-day speed sketching, here's todays
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Very cool. I like this idea, just sitting down and doing something quick and defined in an hour or so; I should try it at some point.

This looks like a close-surveillance sentry drone of sorts, I interpret that from the detail on its head; the parts there look like they'd be used collectively to scan their area
and communicate to one another tactics or information of sorts, and the gun looks like a relatively close-range weapon. Really liking the mechanics at his shoulder and
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Very nice, I like the details on the head, though I'm not entirely sure what any of it's supposed to do.
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Oh man, you really should work on the botton more. Look at that contrast of 'finished' 'unfinished'. This piece could turn out awesome! Mark my words!
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are you troll or for real XD
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Np I'm serious. I understand its a 1hour speedy but that doesn't mean he learns more from it that spending like 3 hours on it. You'd rather have a little less pieces that fit in your portfolio than a bunch of unfinished paintings. I really suggest him to finish them.
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I do not think you understand what "hour a day" sketches means
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Yeah ofcourse I do but I am just 'suggesting' to take this one further. Cause out of the ones he posted I think this one has the most potential : ]
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